Pre-practice quickies

UCLA center Kai Maiava is on crutches after injuring his ankle in Friday’s scrimmage, and backup linebacker Sean Westgate is not practicing today.
Also, I picked a nice day to blog earlier about quarterback Osaar Rasshan, and what he told me last week. He showed up today wearing a white No. 11, and is now giving his hand a try at receiver.

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  • Bruin_67

    I am really happy to hear that. Gotta love the team first attitude, as it’s obvious he thinks he’s a Quarterback.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    I’m happy for the program and Osaar. Smart move kid! (And about time!)

  • rejn

    I guess he really buys into what Coach Wooden says – Be quick, but don’t hurry

  • barrya

    Good for Osaar! As 4th (or 5th) string QB, depending on whether or not Forcier transfers, he would NEVER see the field, but as a receiver, he has a chance. Had he made this move two years ago, I would be pretty confident of that. Now, I just hope for it. But he’s a terrific athlete and I love his loyalty and dedication. Go get ’em, Osaar, and we’ll hope to see you on the field come fall!


    Actually, one of the fans posted on a message board on Friday that Rasshan was working out at WR at the scrimmage.

  • ESbruin

    Completely unrelated but I just saw Kevin Love in Westwood.

  • Anonymous

    I think “trying his hand” at receiver makes a little more sense.

  • La Femme Bruin

    Good for OR. It sucks to not get to do what you have your heart set on. Hopefully something good will come of this both for him and the Bruins.

  • TruBruin

    I knew you were a Bruin at heart Dohn. You blogged, he read and it cleared his head reading our responses.
    You know, you could have used this technique on Karl Dorrell and ended all of your beloved posters agony earlier!

  • Anonymous

    if your Ossar technique works again, can you please blog about how there’s now way Pete Carroll leaves USC this summer? thanks!