Spring game wrap

It wasn’t pretty for the offense, which managed three touchdowns. And, to be honest, two of the plays should have been stopped for sacks, but since the quarterbacks were not to be hit, the plays continued.
Also, the three touchdowns came with the first-team defense on the sideline, the running game struggled and the quarterbacks were not accurate. Most of the offense’s success (all right, all of it) came against the second- or third-team defense.
Kevin Prince was 11 of 24 for 134 yards, a touchdown and interception. Richard Brehaut was 7 of 14 for 47 yards and a touchdown and Kevin Craft was 0 for 5.
On a positive note, and as I wrote for Sunday’s paper, the offensive line UCLA played with in the scrimmage should look nothing like the offensive line that plays in the season opener.

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  • longsnapper


  • Anonymous

    I feel like the current group of O-lineman has at least 3 guys that do no deserve scholarships on major D1 programs. Some really poor talent evaluation on our part.

  • Anonymous

    OK, as of the end of the scrimmage: Apart from #33 Derrick Coleman’s good play at RB, #21 Jonathan Franklin RB had some nice runs, as did #2 Milton Knox RB. There were some dropped passes. #6 Tony Dye at Safety made a nice read on a run play and got a tackle behind the LOS. #8 Chris Forcier had a nice catch called back on an “Ineligible Man Downfield” penalty, but I overheard several people say they hoped he makes it as a receiver and he got some applause. The couple of times #6 Antwon Moutra caught a ball, his whole contingent of family and friends erupted in cheers. The biggest hit of the night was when #26 WR Charles Soon dropped a short pass out in the flat and promptly got knocked off his feet and drilled into the ground by #24 CB Jeff Dickmann, a walk-on Freshman. At the end of the last drive, the O drove from the D’s 40 YL down to the 1, then Coach RN called out on his live mic that they were calling it 4th and Goal and it would be the last play. Somebody fumbled the ball (I couldn’t see who) and that was it.
    During play, Terry Donohue and Dick Vermiel spoke to the crowd, and Matt Stevens (I think? The color commentary guy from the radio broadcasts) interviewed Bruce Davis. Even the “Every man, woman and child” cheerleader guy got up and led some cheers. Overall, a ton of fun.

    I have to say that Chris Roberts continues to be a major embarrassment to the program and to the university. He’s the worst radio announcer in the history of sports broadcasting. He was on the public address system and unfortunately we could not turn him off. Somebody needs to teach that guy to speak English, to watch the game he’s calling and to understand the game of football. In the meantime can they get somebody else, please? He generally did his usual sorry act. He kept calling the wrong names, babbling nonsense and making his call several seconds late. If UCLA is such as great school and has such great programs, how do they let a babbling hack like him speak for us? Several of the people around me agreed, and said so.

    After the game, they let fans onto the field to meet their team. There were lots of little kids running around and people getting autographs and taking pictures with players. The atmosphere was very friendly, lots of smiles. Coach RN stood on the east sideline and signed probably 200 autographs. There were lots of recruits hanging around. And I saw our correspondent Mr. B. Dohn interviewing #1 CB Alterraun Verner.

    (Kudos to you BD, your coverage of the team is the best out there. It’s a pleasure to read your work.)

    Go Bruins!

  • other side of the ball

    can we hear more about the defense, please

  • TroyChick

    I’m just a gurl from the other side of town, but I think your defense is waaay over-rated becuz your offense sux so bad. Hope you don’t meet anybody that’s good, cuz you’re going to suk so bad it’s a shame really. Here’s to the Trojans!!!

  • boelterbruin

    omgz lol. that sux. please tell me that was a sarcastic post? i’m tempted to think it was a joke because “that’s” was apostrophe’d correctly.

  • the Old Feller

    Scratchin’ my ol’ baldy haid agin, but I reckon thar’s more to this team than what we seed so far. Them defensive hosses knows all the plays, sos they got a jump start on the offensive colts. By the time the corn is golden and the frost is on the punkin we goin’ to see a far, far better team than we seed today. Some big uglies is a-comin’ and that’s goin’ to make a hole lota difference to this offensive unit. So strap on the jingle-jangles and mount up becaws we got some brandin’ to do in the Pac-10 come September. Head ’em up. Move ’em out!!! The Bruins is about to roar.

  • Brooklyn Bruin

    It’s true you are JUST a “gurl” from the other side of town. And that’s definitely the level of writing skill I would expect from a Trojan.

  • cv

    If the coaches are counting on two freshman OL to start than it will be another rough year for the QBs.

  • friendly sympathizer

    poor Norm

  • paulstine

    When you say poor talent, can you say which ones and which staff got them, Dorrell or Coach Rick?

  • pr

    I saw 2 people with SuC gear on at the Rose Bowl. The dude looked like he just got out of county and the lady (I am assuming TroyChick) looked like a 200lb version of Mick Mars.

  • RodneyGuillory

    The real question of the night is why our wonderful Mr. Dohn continues to wear Red at games! Is it become Red is the color of the Daily News? Rutgers? Perhaps we can all chip in and get Dohn a blue fleece to wear instead! Great reporting as always, Dohn!

  • on the same page??

    different takes from the same page B9 of the 4/26 Sunday Daily Breeze:


    Bruins’ offense off to a slow start

    Prince 11 of 24, 134 yards, one touchdown, one interception

    Brehaut 7-for-14, 47 yards, one touchdown

    no mention of running backs

    no mention of attendence


    Defense has upper hand

    offense had only two touchdowns and was forced to kick four field goals

    Matt Barkley 12 of 20, 124 yard, fumble, two interceptions, no touchdowns

    Aaron Corp 14 of 23, 157 yards, one touchdown, couple near interceptions

    Mustain 7 of 12 for 85 yards, one interception

    about 14,000

  • cv

    For QB play 50% completion should be the absolute minimum in a scrimmage.