UGLY offense

About halfway through the scrimmage and UCLA’s offense has three first downs and three turnovers, and the quarterbacks have been sacked three times.

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  • BruinJigs

    No surprise there. UCLA’s offense being ugly has been a constant throughout spring practice, even though coaches quotes and at times your reports Brian have said otherwise.

  • This is mainly because we are missing Moya, Paulson, Harris, Savage, Maiava, Jake Dean, etc… I mean we have a JC transfer that has been with us for under a month as the starting center for god’s sake! Maybe our defense is just that good? Still pretty disappointing to hear. Recruits must be laughing at this sloppy display.

  • the Old Feller

    Not surprised so far. Offense still finding its feet. Got to make sure the OL stays healthy once the starters have been selected. Offensive recruits would be thinking “Hey, I can start next year!” Defensive recruits would be thinking “I wanna be part of this system. Awesome!” Very positive as far as this ol’ feller can see.

  • Anon

    Free Kevin Craft!!!

  • Giuseppe Bruino

    Just got back from the Spring game. Here are my comments as of about halfway through. Yes, the O was not pretty, but I want to give credit to #33 Derrick Coleman who started at RB and had a few good runs. #12 Richard Brehaut at QB looked like he could keep the pressure on starter #14 Kevin Prince. They both have talent and I’m sorry to say for #3 Kevin Craft that there is a huge drop-off in performance between him and the top two QBs. In the stands people were snickering every time he came on. (Now, on to the report as of the end of the scrimmage.)

  • inquiring mind

    when do we get to see the Norm Chow offense?

    what’s with the offense getting the Ben O flu?

  • draft day boo-bird

    at least it’s balanced…

  • TruBruin

    Now I know we have injurys like we ALWAYS do but I have to say that the offense was as UNWATCHABLE AS EVER! The story of the scrimmage was that tere was nobody able to stop Kevin Price. He was in the back field all day and the offensive line is not even slightly impressive which is not surprising considering they are only a few months removed from last seasons debockle. God I hope XSF and Haisak are ready to play this fall because the current group is not going to cut it. Kia is a MAJOR disappointment.
    Time to lower expectations for this season because I saw little different from last years scrimmage