Harwell signs

a free-agent deal with the Washington Redskins.

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Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • sactownbruin

    congrats to Harwell. redskins seem to like UCLA players after taking Chris Horton last year.

  • Sal C

    Go Figure. So sorry for them they have to wear those colors.

  • Brain C

    I will go buy my Redskin hat tonight, I hope The Nike store is open late. GO HARWELL! GO Bruins! YES!

  • TroyChick

    Yaaayyy! The Wannabees finally get somebody into the NFL. Too bad he’ll never start but I think he’s a nice guy.

  • Anonymous

    DeWayne, having come from the Redskins to UCLA, ran a similar defense, thus when our guys get to Washington, the thought is there learning curve will be shorter than other rookies and their performance will be better. It worked with Horton last year, and I am really hoping it works for Brigham this year. He is an exceptional young man who deserves the best.

  • Eric K

    Yeah, if only he could start. You know, like Matt Leinart.

  • Anonymous

    WOW you go Harwell I was praying for you.

  • amm

    Maybe he can be a suprise like Horton last year for the Redskins

  • Locoweed 1.1

    I feel bad for Brigham Harwell. Pete recruited him hard, but the kid fell for Dorrell’s dreamy puffery. He could have been our 12th man drafted (3rd or 4th round) this weekend. I’m rooting for Harwell to make it with the Redskins; but KD cost him several million dollars. On the other hand he will always be able to take comfort in 13-9, I hope it was worth the money.
    Fight On Brigham!

  • Anonymous

    His knee cost him his money. And so did Price. Harwell was 2 gapping a lot last year, because Price was so good at penetration, but it was hurting us in the run game so Harwell had to pick up the slack. Harwell is a 3 tech and he was being used as a nose guard. If he ends up getting some time next to Albert Haynesworth he’ll play well.

  • Anonymous

    Brigham Harwell will start for the Redskins this year…..You guys just watch!!!!!!!

    Go Brigham Harwell

    make sure u keep #93

  • carlosuclagrad

    Harwell & Haynesworth, that is big money players right there. Hey Harwell I need a “Stimulus Check” can you help, I’m just kiding. Hey I will be watching you on ESPN, and Monday day night football games, Everyone is proud tonight Los Altos Football Team, Hacienda Heights CA, We love you.

  • Todd

    Redskins have paid a lot of attention to UCLA in recent years. They signed Spencer Havner as a free agent as well.

    Brigham Harwell isn’t going to beat out Cornelius Griffin for a starting DT spot this year. Ain’t happening.

  • Bob

    Todd, You just dont know Harwell, look at his childhood, his goals. This guy overcomes alot, Harwell gets stronger every year look at his photos in google images,and he left his pro day workout with a 225lbs lift 36 reps, that was second in combine. People said he could not even start last year and he turn out to have a great year.

  • PeterUCLA

    Hey CondomChick:

    Why do I get a feeling that some of our free agents this year might end up doing better than your cheating duo of Leinart and Bush?

    I’ll take Maurice Jones-Drew over either of those clowns any day!

  • PeterUCLA

    Hey CondomChick:

    Why do I get a feeling that some of our free agents this year might end up doing better than your cheating duo of Leinart and Bush?

    I’ll take Maurice Jones-Drew over either of those clowns any day!

  • La Femme Bruin

    Way to go Harwell. I know he’s got the determination and skill to make it happen. I look forward to watching him play alongside Horton. GO BRUINS!!

    And as an FYI to the Trojans posting here: when your team is good, you don’t need to tell others about it. They already know. If you feel the need to try to keep throwing things in our faces, that merely paints you as someone who is insecure. Which is really kind of pathetic. So congrats on your draft day, but you’ll excuse me if I immediately forget all about it while I celebrate MY team’s accomplishments on MY team’s board.

  • BruinJr

    Reports say that Harwell is working on a Subway commercial.

  • Anonymous

    congrats brig.. and no he is not working on a subway commercial.. where did you hear that?

  • BruinJr

    I heard it on ESPN this morning.

  • Kevin

    I heard it too on espn wow Harwell YOU ARE THE MAN … go get that. boom, boom, boom. get that.

  • Anonymous

    well hopefully he gets the commercial that would be awesome..

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    You mean “The Best DT In The NFL To Come”