Spring game request

Does anyone have video of the spring football scrimmage? If so, please email me at jill.painter@dailynews.com.

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About Jill Painter

Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • TruBruin

    Actually Jill, you could simply use video of the offense last season and it would be a a mirror image of what we endured Saturday evening

  • Anonymous

    what do you need it for?

  • Anonymous

    lol TruBruiun, so true!

    and also, i thought it was against the rules to video the game, i thought only photos were allowed.

  • Lapu

    The official site has video highlights.


    Hey guys a simple yes or no, she does alot for you ungrateful jerks.

  • Anonymous

    sorry JUICE, didnt know the yes or no police was in town.

    and jill knows how much we appreciate her, and the great work she does and information she gives to us.

  • bruinoc

    Hey Anon-

    Jill takes an inordinate amount of crap from idiotic internet trolls every time she assumes control of the blog for Dohn.

    “Yes or no police,” I’m not even sure that’s funny, but I am glad JUICE made his comments, and I’d think you would be too. This place goes crazy over certain individuals’ postings, and yet piss & vinegar frequently directed at a contributor is allowed, and seemingly applauded.

    The snide remark made by Film at 11 is ridiculous, off base, and shows the lack of class some people display here towards Jill, simply for doing her job. I don’t get it, and I hope I never do. Have some class, show some respect, and be thankful the editors at DN and Jill herself don’t simply let the blog die on the vine in Dohn’s absence.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Oh no, don’t do it! Producing a “bootleg” vidoe of the scrimmage would be INCRIMINATING! Viewing that video of the offence would make you VIOLENTLY ILL!

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Sorry for the typos!

  • Anonymous

    good thing you said sorry before JUICE and bruinoc put you in your place UB.


    Hey anon, Jill always has good info for us, she probably wanted different peoples video so we could
    see different angles of the spring game. Which I for one would have enjoyed. But no people have to come out with smart ass remarks, when all she is doing is trying to get us something we could enjoy. So if you want to defend yourself and the other ungrateful people thats your choice. My choice was to defend jill and I am very happy with my choice. What about you? thank you Juice A.K.A (YES AND NO POLICE)

  • TroyChick

    I totally HATE all of you wannabees for raggin on Jill. Grow a few brain cells and try and be nice, okay!> Any pics of yur pathetic team shoiuld be sent to peeple who are in hospital so they can get better by laughing themselves to death. Yur all hlpeless.


    Anon your an idiot but you already know that. do us all a favor and stay anonymous.

  • Anonymuss

    JUICE, I’ve always felt that “Anonymous” has been a very valuable contributor to this blog, and so has his cousin “Anon.” I’ll thank you to not attack posters who contribute valuable insights.

  • TruBruin

    Its time to start making the posters sign in again! Dohn periodically does this and the blog gets better for a few days then he allows the Anon’s back because he is addicted to the “Hits” and the thrill of being the dominant blog at the DN.
    What happened here is that Daddy Dohn has left town and his little babys have decided that they are going to see how far they can push it until Mama Painter decides its time to dicipline the children……
    Jill, your kiddies are testing you to find out what they can get away with, just tell them to go play in the traffic

    P.S. The “Morning Buzz” is so Scott Wolf! Please tell us that you will stop short of blogging
    The Morning Buzz (Song Girl Edition)