Quarterback U?

Rick Neuheisel, a former UCLA quarterback and coach who tutored Troy Aikman, wants to bring the swagger back to the quarterback position.
“I think we are going to have ourselves a position that we can be proud of,” he said. “I think we will get the quarterback position back to where we all believe it should be, which is one of nation’s finest. I believe we have that in our coach and now it’s time to play like that, so hopefully we can do it.
“It won’t happen overnight. (Kevin Prince) is a freshman. There’s going to be some growing pains, but I do believe it is the right move and I’m anxious to see how it progresses as we get into fall camp.”

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Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • Sam Gilbert

    Don’t forget Norm Chow!

    Remember, Chow turned Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart into Heisman winners.

  • The Ghost of VB’s Cat

    How about winning a few games first, you Champions of the Offseason.


    Let me just say in a few short words that, in my esteemed opinion, this is just too POMPOUS of Coach Rick Neuheisals.

    Other than the esteemed Gary Beban, Heisman Trophy Winner (who stole the Heisman from OJ Simpson in 1968), UCLA has not had a great college QuarterBack. To wit, you cannot argue with a straight face that there has been a “great” UCLA QB other than Gary Beban.

    Yes, Sir Troy Aikman was a great PRO Quarterback, but was simply not that good in college. In fact, I remember that he was never able to beat the FB Programme from across town.

    List of Notable UCLA Quarterbacks

    Ben Olson
    Drew Olson
    Patrick Cowan
    Ossars Raashan
    Matt Moore
    Bethel Thomspons
    Wayne Cooks
    Cade McNouns
    Cory Paus
    Matt Stevens
    Tommy Maddox
    Tom Ramsey
    Rick Neuheisals

  • Mike H class of 90

    So LJ, does that make John Barnes the greatest QB in UCLA history?

  • measles

    Aikman never did start in a UCLA win over USC.
    I saw an interview with him where he said that bothers him to this day.

    I think a true loyalist would say they’d rather have the college success of an Ed O’Bannon opposed to the pro career of Troy Aikman. You gotta be a serious fan to say that though.

    Let’s take a poll:

    Who would rather have the pro fame and money of Aikman and who would rather have the eternal glory of having their jersey hanging in Pauley?

  • Blue_Badge

    “…now it’s time to play like that, so hopefully we can do it.”

    Isn’t this the same Stuart Smalley-esque mantra Neu-weasel repeats to himself at the blackjack table?

    Anyways, Lawyer John makes the obvious transparent: “Quarterback U” is a product of Neu-weasel nostalgia–not reality. Case closed. Go back to celebrating your NCAA championships in curling and crab racing…and prepping USC’s new tackling dummy.

  • Anonymous

    Lawyer moron who didn’t even go to sc…..ever heard of Bill Kilmer? Beban stole the heisman from the murderer, how tired and pathetic is this arguement? Just too funny, keep referencing that winner as a symbol for the overrated, corrupt institution you couldn’t even get into. Aikman wasn’t a good QB at UCLA. wow!!! How ignorant can you be. He did beat sc in 87, the game was stolen by the phantom catch if you recall.

    How about some of those amazing $c QBs before Cheaty Petey came to town:

    John David Booty
    Todd Marijuanavich
    Craig Fertig
    Rob Johnson
    Kevin McLean
    Tim Green
    Brad Otton
    Reggie Perry
    Rob Preston
    Mike Rae
    Sean Salisbury
    Kyle Wachholtz
    Mike Van Raaphorst

    How is the wonder boy Leinart doing in the pros?

    oh, and how did the terrible Maddox, Cook and McNown do against sc?……….8-0!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blue badge: another absurd comment from a trojan moron. what about those 11 little national championships in basketball? How many does sc have? Typical misogynistic commentary. Guess you will have to throw out the 22 women’s titles at sc. only football and baseball count in the myopic world in south central? Throw out all of the championships in track, volleyball, golf, water polo, etc. those aren’t real sports right?

    How about that 53 GSR? Cheat on!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TroyChick

    This is all so totally lame. The best quanterbacks are a;was across the town in my homiepark. Mark Sanquez is jusy SO hot! You wannabees will never have adoll like Mark. He’s just so HOT!! Get over it and get outta the way.

  • Captain Irony

    “How is wonder boy Leinart doing in the pros? oh, and how did the terrible Maddox, Cook and McNown do against sc?”

    So you attempt to discredit Matt Leinart’s college accomplishments by commenting on his weak pro career then turn and brag about the college accomplishments of three UCLA quarterbacks who had weak pro careers.

    Whoever you are, please keep posting.

  • Anonymous

    Hey captain idiot, the initial commentary was in response to LJ’s comment about the supposed dearth of good bruin QBs. He absurdly denigrated Aikman’s college career and threw in the losses to s$. Aikman was one of the best QBs in the country during his time in Westwood and is one of the greatest pro QBs to grace the field. The terrible bruin QBs he listed managed to beat sc many times. McNown had a very good college career and beat sc every year, but was a bust in the pros. Leinart had a great college career and beat ucla, but he is bombing in the pros so far. In the context of both subjects, these are fair comparisons.

    Leinart was was an exceptional QB surrounded by top talent, but he never would have achieved the same level of success at most other college programs. Hundreds of thousands of dollars helped his cause just a bit. Drew Olson was surrounded by significantly less talent, and his numbers were comparible if not better than Leinart’s in 05. He didn’t get a whiff of the heisman that year.

    Typical arrogance and myopia from across town. It’s pathetic to put down bruin QBs who often outplayed their rival counterparts capped off with several beatdowns of sc.

    Trojan Ditz Chick is just an embarrasment, can’t even spell the name of your QB. South central grammer police. Who cares about how “hot” Sanchez is? Just to humor you, bruins had a heartthrob QB named Mark Harmon, and he even managed to avoid sexually assualting or killing anyone.

    Jealousy of the “great” troy is the most laughable. The most important comparison revolves around the character issue. UCLA is Jackie Robinson, Arthur Ashe, Lew Alcindor, Monique Henderson, on and on and on. s$ is the juice……. Pride comes from producing quality student athletes, avoiding the endless criminal element and win at all cost attitude. Leinart is just an embarrasment to your institution as are so many other trojan pros. s$ can take pride in winning the blotter awards. Cheaty’s work with gangs is beyond repugnant. The Slickster has baggage I don’t deny, but Cheaty is as slick as they come. Thowing his star QB under the bus and his subsequent petulant outburst provided just a glimpse into the real Petey.

    The real question is, what true pride can come from cheating on a massive level with complete lack of institutional control?

  • Anonymous

    Do you really think the “TroyChick” post was from a SC fan?

    It’s just a UCLA fan with a weak sense of humor and an apparent subconscious hatred for women.

  • Anonymous

    How Cade mcnoun do again in the NFL again? Oh yeah I forgot, to all you leinart haters out there remember all those sorry Mc’s you went through after aikman.

  • Anonymous

    yep, I remember beating sc 8 straight times. I remember 20 straight victories. I remember a no name John Barnes beating sc. Tommy Maddox did better than Leinart in the pros, lol. let’s wait for Sanchez to bomb in New York. Tell me about those glorious sc QBs after the overrated Rodney Peete up until cheaty paid for your victories.

  • Anonymous

    Heh, you bring up character and throw in Kareem’s name. Love it.

  • Anonymous

    enlighten me on Kareem moron. I know people who work with him. He is an amazing human being. Please, don’t try to debate the character issue between schools.