Take the poll: Did you make the right choice naming Prince the starting QB?

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  • gregb

    Good to see a Crespi Critter be a Pac-10 QB again. The last Celt to be a D-1A QB was Babe Laufenberg (Class of 78) who ended up at Indiana and was the first Valley QB to be a Super Bowl champion.

  • TroyChick

    can’t stop myself from laughing

  • Joe

    i had to comment on gregb’s bringing up the “babe” in his reference to old celt qb’s. obviously, greg has way too much spare time on his hands albeit he makes a good point.

    crespi has had a good legacy of qb’s over it’s 50 years of existence including hilbert, the redell’s, wabbe, smith, r ferraro, lins, prince and currently bennett.

    in my book, one of the best celt qb’s was bob kettles, crespi 74. you won’t find his name in the top five qb stats at crespi. if you look at the success of the 72 and 73 football teams, saw him play, and talked to those who played with him, you would denfitely mention bob’s name.

    hmmmm, i guess i just did.

    joe from the 74

    ….who must have way more spare time than gregb.