Who’s the backup?

Rick Neuheisel didn’t name a backup quarterback. Kevin Craft and Richard Brehaut will continue to compete for the No. 2 spot.

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  • Sunny Side

    I’d rather have Matt Barkley šŸ™‚

  • Bruin_67

    I go with Craft, as bad as he was 75% of the time last year he was really good 25% of the time. Putting a true Freshmen in with what is an improved but suspect line could be really bad long term. Brehaut has a bright future, but a red-shirt year might be the way to go especially with Prince being a red-shirt freshmen.

  • so west Coast

    ok, so go ahead and have matt barkley. i’d rather have joe montana….

    let’s just roll with who we’ve got

  • cheeeese

    This is actually a serious decision. Let’s be honest, chances are that this is going to be a rough season… at least early on. And when coaches try to make adjustments the QB is usually the one to get the ax.

  • I would rather not waste Brehaut’s eligibility as a backup. Craft could finish off his career as the number 2.

  • Steve

    I’m guessing that a lot with depend on when and how badly they need a #2 QB. If Prince gets injured in game one, then their is a good chance Brehaut might burn his red shirt year. Otherwise, I think Craft is probably the #2 guy (unless he is just horrible in practice).


  • rejn

    Ideally and hopefully, Prince stays healthy all year. We don’t need a backup because Prince is doing well, and/or the games are so lop sided it doesn’t matter who comes in to “finish.” That number two is Craft. Then we can redshirt Brehaut. Best case scenario. Can you say Tom Ramsey????

  • Anonymous

    But seeing some time as a true freshman could help his development rather than burn his redshirt year…

    if it happens under the right situations/in the second half of the season…

  • BruinThom

    Pretty easy choice as far as I can see. Brehaut redshirts. Craft will be much improved with a better OL and the horrors of last season behind him. So, Craft is my back-up. Got my fingers crossed Prince remains healthy all year and leads us to our first post-season bowl game we upended Northwestern in ’06. Go, you Blue n’ Gold!