Answers, Part II

Here is the second set:

which offensive player do you believe has the most long term potential to become a star in college?
Nelson Rosario. He has size and speed and athleticism, and could be very difficult to cover.

has the Football fall practice schedule been released. how many prac’s will there be & will they be open to the public? wasn’t milton knox ultra explosive ala DREW-JONES @ da spring game?
I don’t know the schedule yet, but I would think they will be open to the public until the week before the opener. As for Knox, no he was not. Maurice Jones-Drew has incredible speed, and speed is not Knox’s strong point.

If there were scholarships availbe, would the FB staff consider giving any of them to some of the walk-ons? If so which ones would they be considering?
I’m sure they would give out scholarships, if they could. And look for walk-ons starting or on the two-deep as to who would be considered, and those names will change by the end of training camp.

Its seems like Holiday gets all the draft news, but how is Collison doing? How has his workouts been? Do you think he will go in the first round?
I heard Collison’s workouts were going ok, and he is on the fringe of the first round. Holiday is getting the publicity because of how high he may go in the draft, and because he still has not said he is leaving UCLA, although I will be stunned if he stays.

You covered baseball for a while, was wondering if journalists should have suspected/reported the whole steroid issue 15-20 years ago (A’s w/ McGwire & Canseco)? Seems like you’d hear about the “juiced” baseball, year-round training, weight-lifting as the cause for the power surge, when it was probably steroids.
I know a lot of the writers thought it was steroids, but there was no testing for the majority of time I covered baseball. Also, I was not about to write a story alleging steroid use unless someone was willing to put a name on their accusation.

The USC Mayo investigation: smoke, fire, or a lot of both?
I don’t know since I don’t cover USC, but you know the saying about smoke.

Have you ever thought about doing a light hearted Q&A with coaches.. especially during the offseason when things are slow?
I have, and I want to, but I never remember to post something about it until it is too late.

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  • Smokey The Bear

    where there iss smoke..there is fire.

  • Anonymous

    I thought they mentioned the schedule already:

    August 10 – 14, Aug. 15 – 21 ( 2 per day), and Scrimage on Sat. Aug. 22 (5 pm) at Drake.

  • Miss UCLA

    In regards to football practice:

    Practices will be open until the Aug 22 scrimmage and closed thereafter.

    Go Bruins!