Answers, Part III

Here is the third segment:

How come Dohnster isn’t in the Triple Crown? 3 yo this year, right? How’s he doing?
Dohnster didn’t want to embarrass the rest of the 3-year-olds by dominating the race, and I wasn’t up for doing all the interviews about the horse’s name. He’s doing ok. I know the owner is happy with the way Dohnster performed, on a whole, so far.

Any idea whether Tennessee will be a better or worse team than the one that came to the Rose Bowl last year?
How can they be worse? The Vols have a markedly better coaching staff and more experience. I would also think they will get better play from the quarterback position.

How is it that Ben Olson doesn’t get an NFL tryout when he was as brittle as Pat Cowan, yet has far superior physical tools?
Because Olson had a broken foot during the draft and he has injured the same foot three times in a year. Not exactly a recipe for teams to take a chance on.

OT: Man U got dominated…what did you think of the match?
I thought Barcelona looked overwhelmed in the first 10 minutes, but the goal by Eto’o seemed to awaken Barcelona and talent took over. Manchester United looked slow during the final 80 minutes of the match, and as a Liverpool supporter, I was pleased about that.

Have you gained any new insight in the last year as to why Maiava was asked to play FB at Colorado, especially since you (and others) seem to think he is our best OL this year?
I did gain the insight, and wrote about it during spring practice. The Colorado coaching staff thought he lacked explosion and would struggle in downfield blocking.

With Holiday likely leaving, does that make Hamid the backup PG?
So far it does, but I think coach Ben Howland may find some minutes for another of the guys to play the point.

Is Marquis Jackson DE eligible for the 2009 season or 2010? What are our chances of getting him?
I was told he was going to be a 2010 kid, and I don’t know of UCLA’s chances. I know the Bruins like him, but as everyone is figuring out this spring, getting a JUCO player isn’t as simple as him committing.

What are your expectations of Jerime Anderson this year, with the likelihood that he’ll go from few minutes last year to 35+ this year? Would you put him in the class of Farmar/Westbrook/Collison as PGs who make a big sophomore jump?
I don’t know what they are at this point. I’d like to see him play in the offseason a little bit. He will be markedly better than last year because of the natural learning curve players experience from their freshman to sophomore seasons, but I cannot compare what his jump will be like with measured against former players.

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  • Anon

    With respect to your answer on Hamid and the backup PG slot, are you thinking that Malcolm Lee and Michael Roll could run the point for a few minutes each game?