Answers, Part IV

Here is the fourth set:

Do you attribute the 3+ year lag in getting Pauley renovated to the organizers waiting for Wooden to pass away so they can scrap renovation plans and then “all of a sudden” decide to demolish it and start a new arena?
If that happens, I do not believe Dan Guerrero would be the athletic director. He is committed to renovating Pauley.

In your opinion, if the recent Mayo payment allegations turn out to be true, should Tim Floyd be fired?
In my opinion, if Floyd is the one who provided the cash, yes, he should be fired.

When do the UCLA football camps start? Do you expect some commitments after the camps?
The camps begin June 6, and yes, I expect commitments afterward. How long afterward, though, is open for debate.

did u enjoy the match betweeen man u and barcelona? also will u be attending the mach between barcelona and the galaxy at the rose bowl?
I did enjoy the match, and I am not certain if I will be attending the gala event at the Rose Bowl. It remains up in the air.

In last week’s Q&A, you prognosticated that the starting offensive line would consist of Sheller, Baca, Maiava, (either Ekbetani or Taylor), and Sua Filo. Why not Eddie Williams as a starter since RN seems very high on him?
Because I am not sold Eddie Williams will be at UCLA. I was told he still needs to improve his grade in a class. If he is at UCLA, I think he will start at guard.

Last week, you mentioned that Johnson, Dean, R. Carter and Forcier would be leaving the program. Are you aware of others who are leaving and can you share names at this time?
I know of at least one other, but at this time I cannot share. Sorry, but I must protect my sources, and I was asked to hold off on this one. As soon as I get clearance, I will let everyone know.

Is Lester White still slated to greyshirt and enroll after the season?
I checked on that and was told UCLA backed off White and he is not expected to play for the Bruins.

I noticed the QB camp in June 6th. When will the camp for other positions be held?
I don’t know about the QB camp, but I know UCLA will have more than 130 kids at the June 6 camp, and only a few handfuls are quarterbacks. UCLA has other camps later in the month, beginning June 21.

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  • VBs Cat

    Galaxy vs Barcelona is like watching Lakers vs. Long Beach State.

    The only match to watch would be Chelsea vs Inter but Dohns a Liverpool fan.