Answers, Part V

Here is the fifth set:

Brian, do you feel Oregon has a recruiting advantage because the school is so closely tied to Nike? Is UCLA still considering a switch to Nike gear?
I do not feel Oregon has the edge because of the tie to Nike, but rather of the tie to Phil Knight, who is pumping tons of money into the program. And, yes, UCLA is still considering a switch, but don’t expect news for another 10 or 11 months.

Do you think you could track down RN and ask him about improvements to our away uniforms in football. Please tell him, UCLA fans are tired of plain white, we need a little zest on the field for our away games.
Are you speaking for all UCLA fans? I’m sure one day the uniform issue will come up, but it is not high on priority list when it comes to speaking with Neuheisel.

If you were aware of a persistent pervasive pattern of recruiting violations or questionable recruiting practices at UCLA would you report it?
Yup. That is my job, to report the good and the bad. I don’t sit back and protect a program that is cheating.

What, in your opinion, happened to the baseball team? We seem to have great recruiting classes each year.
Got me. Is the season over? Actually, I checked and was told UCLA’s situational hitting was sub-par and the Bruins were awful in one-run games.

Given that Holiday will most likely be drafted higher than Collison do you feel that Howland should have started Holiday over Collison at the point?
Not at all because Collison could not play the two-guard. So, if Holiday played the point, where was Collison going to play? And since Collison cannot play the two-guard, he was going to turn into a 10-minute a night backup?

Brian, you have commented in the past how difficult howland can be with the media. Wouldn’t someone with a better personality like a bruce pearl be a better ambassador for ucla basketball and thus improve ucla’s chances at raising the money needed to renovate pauley?
Two things: Howland is not always difficult to deal with, but sometimes can be, and Howland is great with the boosters, and has done a lot of work to help raise money.

Is one day enough to find your QB of the future; I like what UCLA is doing camping some gunslingers to see if they fit their system?
I don’t think it is a one-day venture. UCLA has done loads of homework on the quarterbacks and saw each one in person, but will not make a decision until after the one-day camp.

how many shades of blue does UCLA have???? it seems like we have 16 different blues!
Thirty one?

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  • Anonymous

    During Lady Bruin Football 101 this Spring, CRN indicated that the new away uniforms would have a darker blue outlining the numbers and the stripes on the sleeves.

  • Hiero

    There’s only one shade of blue worn by Bruins — that is Powder Keg Blue? What shade of blue is Powder Keg Blue it is whatever shade of blue that is being worn by a Bruin! Just ask Red Sanders’ ghost.

  • BruinFaithful

    Yeah Brian, don’t tell Neuheisel anything about the uniforms. This guy doesn’t nearly speak fo all Bruins. I like the white uniforms. I wish we use them at home. I think they look better. Penn State always wear plain white unis and it never seemed ro affect them. I think what we really need is a throwback uni from the 1950’s or 1960’s. I personally like the ones we wore that were a darker shade of blue with the double white stripe on the shoulder and the plain gold helmets. what we need to give us more zest is better and more spirited play on t he field from all.