Answers, Part VI

Here is the sixth set of answers:

How solid is Austin Hinder’s commitment to Berkeley?
Not sure about that since I hear different things, but UCLA is moving on, I was told.

Do you ever take pictures as part of your coverage assignments?

Is there any sport or league that you’ve never covered and, for that matter, would prefer never to cover?
I have not covered soccer and I would prefer for it to remain that way.

What about blogging is different from your normal paper reporting?
I put stuff on the blog that I may not deem important enough to get in the paper, but I treat the blog as an extension of the paper.

Do you reckon Gordon had to get Howland’s blessing before being involved in the junior national team?
I reckon he did. Nothing happens within the basketball program without Howland’s blessing.

Do any of Howland’s current assistants have the potential to become head coaches elsewhere in the next few years?
I think they all do, especially since Donny Daniels was the coach at Fullerton. Scott Duncan and Scott Garson also could be head coaches, but I think Duncan’s age could work against him if it doesn’t happen soon.

Is there a limit to the number of paid assistant coaches a college football team can have?
On the field, yes. Off the field, it is a more gray area.

What do you think are the advantages of a college football team bringing in head coaches or assistant coaches with NFL experience?
I don’t have enough time or cyberspace to list them all, but one of the biggest things is in recruiting. That coach can sit in a recruit’s home and tell them what needs to be done to get to the NFL, because every recruit has the belief they will play in the NFL.

Has coach Chow ever expressed concern or offered an explanation for why his quarterbacks seldom go on to have notable pro careers?
We have never talked about it.

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  • Anonymous

    What’s the reason behind Richardson’s decommitment? Now we have zero verbal commits? Unbelievable!

  • nycbruin

    “Has coach Chow ever expressed concern or offered an explanation for why his quarterbacks seldom go on to have notable pro careers?”

    uh…you mean other than Steve Young, Jim McMahon, Carson Palmer (2 pro bowls), and Philip Rivers (1 pro bowl). Even Ty Detmer spent 14 years in the league.

  • Bruintx

    Yea, besides those guys… LOL

  • Johnny Angel


    Yes. Other than Young you’ve listed players with a cumulative total of four pro bowls.