Answers, Part VII

Here is the seventh set of answers:

I don’t see both Roll and Lee starting next year, because it would leave Abdul-Hamid as the only guard off the bench. I think one of the two will win the starting 2 spot and the other will back up both guard spots, with a freshman taking the 3. Thoughts?
That is a good point, but no matter how it is sliced up, UCLA will lack depth in the backcourt, and that is going to be a big issue.

Do athletes have to pay for camps put on by UCLA and other schools?
My understanding is everyone has to pay or it is an extra benefit.

Ben Olsen. I know he hurt himself before a pro day. Will he try out for any pro teams or is he going to settle into a “normal” non-football life? Was a big fan of his in HS.
Last time I checked with him, he was undecided about what path he would take. I will check in with him again and get you an answer.

Who’s the best free throw shooter next year, now that Collison is gone? Best 3 point shooter?
I have no idea about free throw shooter since none of the returners have any experience from the line. As far as 3-point shooters, I’ll give it to Roll over Dragovic.

Will we be run heavy, pass heavy, or have a balanced attack based on your judgment on how spring ball has progressed?
Forced balance. UCLA won’t be able to run the ball well enough, so it will be forced to throw more than it wants to with an unproven quarterback.

Is Drew Gordon NBA material?
When it comes to athleticism, I think so. When it comes to ability, it is much too early to tell.

Where does Chase Rettig fall in the QB recruit hierarchy?
On the periphery right now, but things change.

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  • Bruin1970

    Jeremi Andersen forgotten in the list of guards? Abdul-Hamid is the fourth guard and can be vauluable for short bursts of time. Also, perhaps Moser will see some time as a shooting guard?

  • keptycho

    What do you mean we won’t be able to run the ball well-enough? I fully expect the O line to be much improved. If they open the holes, we will have a run game. Sounds like you don’t think much of the O line.