Answers, part VIII

Here is the eighth set:

Coaches sound pretty high on Damien Holmes. Does he project as a major contributor this year or am I reading into things a liitle too much?
I think the coaches are high on him because he has a good spring, and because depth is an issue on the defensive line. I don’t think he will be a major contributor this season, but I think he will be a contributor.

will you be doing a recap of the football one day camp in june and do the coaches frown on you reporting about what happens in those types of events?
Not a recap, but right now my plan is to go the camp and report on a few things that transpired. I don’t think it serves much purpose to do a full recap

Who do you think will have the biggest impact of the football recruits in 2009? Who do you think will have the biggest impact on the basketball team of the 5 freshman in the 2009 class?
Football-wise, it will be one of the offensive linemen, in a good way or a bad way. Hasiak and Su’a-Filo are both projected to start, as could Eddie Williams (if he gets into school). If one plays well, it will bolster the offensive line. If one plays poorly, it could really hurt the offensive line.
As far as hoops, I expect Tyler Honeycutt to play a prominent role during the upcoming season.

Will you be sharing the results of your Pauley Poll with anyone from UCLA?
Trust me, I don’t need to bring it to their attention. They already know the results.

Memphis hoops just got charged with major NCAA violations for the season it beat UCLA in the Final Four. A) Do you think Calipari bolted because he knew probation was coming and B) Can Calipari be in any way punished at this point?
I think he bolted for a job that was going to play more, and gave him a better chance to win a national title. How long can you keep Memphis going while playing in Conference USA? As for punishment, yes, Calipari can be punished for what happened at Memphis.

what is the first day of fall camp this year?
Not sure yet.

Are incoming recruits not enrolled in school allowed to come to camps for coaching tips?
I do not believe so. I do not think class of 2009 players can attend the camps.

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  • Jewin

    According to the UCLA Sports Blog, to which Brian posted a link earlier this week, training camp starts on August 10th:

    “The Bruins will open practice on Monday, August 10. In accordance with NCAA rules, the Bruins will practice once a day in the afternoon through Friday, August 14, the first day of full pads. They will practice twice a day on Saturday, August 15, as well as the following Monday (17th), Wednesday (19th) and Friday (21st) and once a day on the other afternoons.”

    The Drake Stadium scrimmage is on Saturday, 8/22.

  • BruinFaithful

    WOW Brian,

    Are you implying that the UCLA Administration knows that the majority of Bruins want a new Arena, but that they are moving forward anyway in deference to John Wooden? I’m sorry, I meant in deference to “somebody very unfluential who wants to preserve it”. I knew it. This is ridiculous. If they don’t listen to our wishes then maybe they will listen to our wallets, closing.

  • GoTroyGo

    I thought your wallets had never opened. I am sure YOU won’t buy a seat license.