Answers, Part X

Here is the 10th set of answers:

What do you think of Randall Carroll now that we’ve seen several videos of his races?
I wonder if he, unlike most of UCLA’s receivers, can get off the line of scrimmage and run a pass route, or whether his speed will be minimized by an inability to get into space.

Do you anticipate any funding problems for the new Pauley renovation due to its controversial nature (no seating/sightline improvement, personal seat licenses, season ticket pecking order, etc.)?
I think the biggest issue with the funding is the economic climate. The other stuff will create headaches the school does not want to deal with, but I don’t think it will change the timeline of the renovation as much as the current economy.

If possible infractions come down on USC football, do you believe it will realy effect the caliber of player USC recruits given how many NFL players they produce?
Too open ended of a question. Are the sanctions limited off-campus recruiting during the season? Scholarship reductions? Bowl eligibility? The stronger the sanctions, the more impact it will have. If USC cannot contend for a national title for three years, heck, yes, it will impact recruiting. If USC’s scholarship count is reduced by one, I don’t see much of an impact.

I know it’s early but do you see any of the football being NFL quality?
Yes, there are a few handfuls that are NFL quality, but most of them are entering their second year in the program. As for the older guys, DT Brian Price, CB Alterraun Verner and LB Akeem Ayers are guys I expect to play in the NFL.

Does UCLA have a shot at Noel Johnson if Holiday goes?
I don’t think UCLA wants him. My understanding is UCLA would like to add a pure guard, and I don’t think Johnson fits that bill.

Brian , why does it appear that we are slow playing the local kids when it comes to offering a football scholie ? Seems out of proportion, in regards to the out of staters?
The players UCLA will have a chance to evaluate in person and spend a lot of time with (the SoCal kids) are being evaluated at a slower pace. In order to be in the mix with a lot of the out-of-state kids, schools like UCLA have to offer them early. Plus, when you look at the out-of-state kids proportionally to the SoCal kids UCLA offered, I don’t think it would be viewed as slow-playing the locals.

I’ve noticed that Ryan Kasdorf’s name has not come up recently in 2010 qb discussions. Has UCLA cooled on him? If so, have you heard why? Is there a height issue?
UCLA is still on him, but at the current moment he is not a primary target. Height is not the issue. UCLA evaluates on all-around play.

Do you think Neuheisel is pushing the envelope by bringing Embree as a graduate assistant, like he used Tata as a temporary assistant? Isn’t this like waving to a recruit from across the street during a no contact period?
No, I think it is a brilliant move. Embree is being paid by the Kansas City Chiefs and UCLA does not have a tight ends coach. Embree brings proven teaching ability to an area UCLA has a lot of talent at, and he comes at virtually no cost.

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