• G-Unot

    Jrue throwing alley-oops to Lebron in 2010

  • miltk

    Wow. Lots of NYK posters at realgm HATED and I mean HATED Jrue. They loved Curry in Diantoni’s system. This would make them scream for sure.

    Imagine though, a successful UCLA-Howland player in the heart of east coast bball.

  • Anonymous

    That’s just the thing though. From everything JH has explained, he was never really a UCLA-Howland player. He was in the system for one year, didn’t like it or buy into it, and decided to leave. I’ve spoken to him a couple of times and he is a nice guy, so I wish him the best. But he’s not a Howland-player. He paused to glance at our beautiful campus, strolled around a little bit, and kept going on his way to the NBA.

    Kevin Love stayed for only one year, but in that year he gained a new appreciation for the defense that Howland teaches and has become an NBA starter because of it. He praises UCLA in several press interviews, and can therefore be considered a Howland-type player.

    As much as it sounds like I’m bashing JH, I don’t mean to. I honestly hope he does extremely well in the NBA, wherever he ends up.

  • JW

    The real story is, Holiday was going to be the Bruins Point guard, and Howland when recuriting him told him they planed on opening up the offense with Anderson and Lee coming in. When Collison came back that all changed, and not buying into the system really is not the correct way of putting it. Holiday will be a very good NBA player and blossom at the next level IMO. he has the tools,the motivation, and desire to move to the next level right now.

    It is a shame that he is more motivated to leave UCLA because he feels the system is stuck in neutral.

  • BruinNV

    Well if they do draft him, hopefully he turns out better for them as opposed to their last UCLA draftee, Ariza. Better yet, maybe he can develop a bit there and eventually end up in purple/gold?

  • BruinJigs

    Holiday is a class act. I wish him nothing but the best.

    I think it is evident that Holiday is a PG and its a shame we could not play him at the one this year. I think he would have been a speical player at UCLA if we had.