UCLA’s one-day camp issues

I was down at the Scout.com combine at Los Angeles Harbor College today, and in talking to a bunch of people, plenty were miffed about why UCLA is holding its one-day camp next Saturday.
One of the top performers at the camp, receiver Kenny Stills of La Costa Canyon of Encinitas, said he is not going because he has to take the SATs. A few others echoed that.
Also, several players said they were not attending because it was the same day as the state track championships.

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  • Anonymous

    Very surprising to hear about this. To be honest, this is the kind of “bunggle” that seemed characteristic of the previous staff. Of course Coach N and staff may have their reasons and we are unfortunately not privy to them, but man o man, it does make you scratch your head.

  • Fan4Life

    Maybe the coaches want to evaluate slow, smart players who have already taken their SATS and have no interest in track?

  • BruinJigs

    That is a bad move on the coaches part. They have got to schedule camps and such accordingly, when the most amount of talent can attend. Whether they do or not, that is another story, but at least give them that option.

  • MaltBaa

    Is there any chance they can reschedule the camp at this point?

  • Cali

    Could the staff have screwed this up any worse if they tried? Do we now have a stupid staff that is unorganized and have no clue on how to plans things.

    Very disappointing to say the least. By way who would get the blame for this? The whole staff, RN, Director of FB operations?

  • Steve

    U$C is to blame.

  • wc116

    Thanks, CRN. Wow, no commits for 2010 yet and a bad camp date… terrible start for 2010 recruiting.

  • BruinFaithful

    Maybe they scheduled it so it wouldn’t compete with SUCs camp the following week. J/K. But seriously, doesn’t anybody on that staff have a brain? Wouldn’t at least somebody on the team have like a family member or something, taking the SATs and inform the staff of that fact? I mean, if you make 1.5 million to 2 million a year, shouldn’t it be your job to know this stuff instead of touring Iraq? This reminds me of a funny scene in Entourage, when Ari fires the mail room guy thinking it’s his PR guy. Maybe it would go something like this…

    Guerrero: Neuheisel? Where is Rick Neuheisel’s office?
    Guerrero: Right here?
    Geurrero: The SATs are this Saturday?
    CRN: That’s GREAT, that’s Awesome!!!!
    Guerrero: That’s Awesome huh?
    Guerrero: You didn’t think to bring it up in the freaken staff meeting? An e-mail? A yellow freaken sticky something?
    CRN: I didn’t know I was supposed to know that kind of stuff.
    Guerrero: Well what is it that you’re supposed to know do you think, huh? What the freak do we pay you for? To get your AFCA card laminated, so you can go to media week and try to F Erin Andrew?

    You know the rest. It’s a joke guys. Relax. Honestly though, I think the staff should have to respond for this? Have you asked them yet Dohn? Soon, would be good. Preferably before SAT Saturday. HAHAHAHA!!!!

  • GoTroyGo

    Yeah, it’d be just like ucla’s “pro day”. LOL

    Guerrero: SATs are this Saturday?
    Slick Rick: Duh, I don’t know.
    Guerrero: Don’t worry, the ghost of Papa Sam will take care of that! Go back to your NBA pool.

  • Anonymous

    Reactionary fools … can’t any of you wait to see how this plays out? Or do you have to blame somebody immediately? Do you see any similarities between supposedly avid Bruin fans’ posts and that of the suc troll? And for those of you implying CRN is less than intelligent … it simply shows your lack of knowledge on the subject. Reading this tripe in the comments makes it hard to come to this site.

  • silverlake-bruin


    A little investigation would help you out here.

    The other open days either conflicted with our three day camp, graduation, or the SUC one day camp. Also, this is one of numerous times to take the SAT.

    Those that don’t make the one day can make the three day a few weeks later. Its not that big of a deal.

  • GoTroyGo

    Why don’t your go up against USC if your program is so strong? Hmmmmm Nice try silverdick.

  • BruinFaithful


    Relax pal. I answered, jokingly, based on Dohn’s posting, which doesn’t sound good at all. However, Brian does need a serious follow up to this. There maybe many unknown variables going on. Maybe we already contacted all of the athletes we expect to come and they all confirmed they could attend. Maybe things changed. These are HS kids afterall. Maybe a lot of these kids forgot there was a conflict and didn’t tell the staff. Who knows? I am only concerned with whether or not CRN’s staff knew about the SAT and the Track meet ahead of time.


    This isn’t Wolfie’s blog. You can’t talk like thar here. Keep it up and Dohn will be banning you soon.

  • ChristoRedendo ’84

    There’s no one on staff who knows when the academic tests are offered or when state HS championships are held????

    Wonder why we’re running second in a two college town???

    When producing a “go to” football event, the program needs more than a student-intern preparing the calendar!