Previewing UCLA

I think it is a bit early to give a preview for UCLA, but Phil Steele’s is out and here is the link.

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  • lavsmousse

    As goes the O-Line, so goes our season, end of story.

  • Ryan

    I don’t think he could have made that any more difficult to read if he tried. And I find it odd that he talks about the game previews for the ’09 schedule by mentioning what happened in ’07. What do you think of his position analysis and depth chart mr. dohn?

  • Brian Dohn

    It is absolutely atrocious. There are more things wrong in the offensive depth chart than there are things right.

  • Anonymous

    I have read Steele’s mag for years, and I find more often than not, he is correct. Obviously, the O-line information is dicey at best, but overall he is saying he thinks the Bruins will be much improved. How can you complain about that?

    His magazine is tough on the eyes, but overall he gives FAR MORE information than any other publication, and when making predictions, he takes a lot of things into consideration that are lost on other magazines.

  • gerry4ucla

    I think his prediction on the offensive line is a shot in the dark. And he’s listing RBs that are no longer on the team
    Too premature for sure

  • Bruintx

    I’ve purchased Phil Steeles college preview magazine for many years. As mentioned by Anon above, they usually do a pretty good job. But I have to admit, they really dropped the old pigskin on the Bruins this year. Beyond Prince being named the starting QB, I dont think they have a clue whats going on in Westwood this year, so they just rambled on about the past. Their “2009 forecast” is a joke. Its mostly just more rehashing of recent years results.

    The one bright spot was the note about the Bruins making their “Most Improved” list. I have found that their list has usually been pretty good at predicting teams that show a lot of improvement from one season to the next. Lets hope that prediction comes to pass this year for the Bruins.

  • Johnny Angel

    Next to some of the players names there is the two letter abbreviation PS. Anyone know what Steele means by PS?

  • lavsmousse

    Im guessing PS stands for Phil Steeles national position ranking for the player as a HS senior.

  • pr

    Phil Steele’s previews are about as relevant as the George Michael Sports Machine.

  • TruBruin

    Well, That is about 10 minutes of my life that I will never get back………..

  • BruinFaithful


    His depth charts are totally out of whack. He has Derrick Coleman, Milton Knox, and then Chritian Ramirez as his depth chart for RB’s for god sakes. Maybe he should come here and read Dohn’s blog. He does have us ranked 24th on his pre-season rankings though. I hope he’s right there.

  • Anonymous

    He has Glen Love 3rd string,Love is a starter.

  • Anonymous

    It ain’t pretty

  • TruthTeller

    Can’t Blame Uncle Phil, He can’t spend prescious time and resources on second rate programs that only the home folk care about.

  • FWIW

    Steele has UCLA ranked #24th in the country.