Raymond Carter’s choices

I am hearing former UCLA running back Raymond Carter may look at transferring within the Pac-10, but if he does not, he is looking at UNLV, New Mexico State, Texas-El Paso and Texas A&M.

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  • lavsmousse

    Does this mean that Neu won’t restrict his players from transferring within the Pac 10? Other college coaches haven’t been as accommodating in the past.

  • Anonymous

    gotta keep that ucla-utep pipeline going

  • lavsmousse

    This tells me that under the Neu regime, unlike the previous one, pretty decent isn’t good enough to crack the top 3 at their position. This is progress in the right direction for the program.

  • fishchar

    Bruin Faithful’s empty toilet roll –

    You might need college football magazine to read in the bathroom. Carter only gained 29 yds last season – how does that translate into “pretty decent”? And for good measure, he caught 1 pass for -3 yds. I think we can get by without him…..

  • BRUtus

    Carter was no higher than 5th on the depth chart.

    1. Ramirez
    2. Coleman
    3. Franklin
    4. Knox
    5. Carter / Dean
    6. Dean / Carter

    5 and 6 leaving. Not anything we really need to fret about.

  • bbruin

    Toilet roll dont worry I will keep my fingers crossed for you at the upcoming NCAA committee hearings this JUNE 6th and again in AUGUST. You can keep yourself up to date with the proceedings at the following weblink:


  • BruinFaithful

    HAHAHAHA. Imitation and parody is the highest form of flattery. I have a feeling I know which TrOJie Troll is doing it, too. I think I used that roll to wipe you off and flush you down the toilet. I think he couldn’t twake the wibbing I gwab him on Woofie’s Bog.

    Hey TrOJie Troll, why did Emmanuel Moody and Vidal Hazelton leave? Oh, that’s right Emmanuel wanted to go to a school he could actually win a National Championship at. To a school who’s coach doesn’t throw you under the bus like a tantrum throwing toddler, when you decide to leave early for the NFL. Seems he got tired of playing for the Stanford and Oregon State Chokers.

    I can’t wait for the HAMMER to drop. Here comes the pain.


    CHEAT ON!!!!

  • BruinFaithful

    LA TIMES Headline (Just in)

    “USC’s Marcus Johnson decides to turn pro”

    WOW, that’s 4 players and 3 starters from last year’s team. Not to mention 3 incoming recruits, that have jumped ship. I think it’s safe to say, the SUC BB program has been decimated. How much longer before the FB players start jumping ship? I guess even illiterate SUC players can read the writing on the wall. I don’t understand why Mike “Bo Jangles” Garrett, Steven “Not a good” Sample, or there Alum can’t.

    SUC sports programs are falling faster than home values in South Central. Although I’m sure SUC Alums will do anything to blame Lloyd Lake, Michael Michaels, Rodney Guillory, and Louis Johnson for that too.

  • BruinFaithful
  • Anonymous

    It’s wrong for you guys to talk bad about this young man ray carter.he is a great player. His time Havent just came yet. But nobody can’t speak on why he is leaving. So you can’t assume until you hear from the man himself. Because honestly it has to be some reason he is leaving. I wanna see an interview I want to hear from his mouth why he is leaving.whatever school he choses he will do awesome. I believe he is gonna do great. You guys probably don’t know to much about kids coming from crenshaw. But don’t talk bad about the young man because he had a bad year last year. Have you heard of the saying no line no shine. No wonder we didn’t have running game.

    I hope he choses nmsu. Coach walker will take care of him and that program will good. Remember the vegas bowl 2 years ago? Walker is on the rise.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why everyone is giving him a hard time. i would like to see someone talking smack about him tear their acl and continue to perform in the pac ten only a year later. I HOPE he chooses NMSU too

  • Anonymous

    has anyone heard any more news on whether carter has made a decision on where he is going to transfer to or if he is going to transfer at all