Answers, part IX

Here is the ninth set:

Have you heard anything regarding the recruitment of Kentwood HS center Josh Smith (2010)lately? do you know if he planning to visit the campus?
Ya’ know, I have not. I will call him in the next week and talk to him. I would think he would come down to UCLA’s elite camp at the end of June, but I cannot say for certain whether he will. If he does not, though, I would view that as a bad sign.

Usually for the type of charges filed against E.J. Woods there has to be reliable witnesses and/or physical evidence. Which is it in this case?
I don’t know about what physical evidence is present, but there are complaints from the two people involved. Woods’ lawyer will not speak to me about it. The last time I called, she hung up, which surprised me since I never talked to her before. If I had talked to her prior, then I could understand it.

Was or is there any tension between Jrue Holiday and Ben Howland? Jrue seemed unhappy in his only year at UCLA.
I don’t know what you are basing his unhappiness on because Jrue’s body language was consistent all season. I think he was frustrated. I know he would have rather played the point, but he also knew the best thing for the team was for Collison to play the point. The unhappiness you may be talking about could come from his comments about how much he likes playing point, but I think that is just being honest.

Do you know why ucla backed off on the recruitment of DB demetrieus wright from his earlier comments he said he would commit if offered then later said bruins aren’t recruiting me and I’m looking else where. What happened?
Sometimes schools back off prospects for various reasons, and it is not always football related.

Brian, how do you feel about Forcier’s press release regarding your “inaccurate” reporting of his transferring? Wasn’t it a bit childish?
I thought it was unfair, and in my view an extreme accusation of the most important piece of journalism. I think what it should have said is UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel was “inaccurate” in what he told the media. I reported what Neuheisel said, and when Forcier’s mother emailed me about it at the time, I responded to her by explaining Neuheisel is the one who said it, and I reported what he said. I gave the Forcier’s the opportunity talk about it then, and they chose not to.
Via email, text messages and phone messages, I also asked the family, and Chris, dozens upon dozens of times, to talk about the situation, and to clear things up. Not once did they take me up on the offer.

With hinder commiting is Thomas number 1 on ucla’s board also is jones,barr or James ucla’s top rb
No, Thomas is not No. 1 on the board. In fact, I’m not sure if Thomas is even on the board right now.
As for the running back spot, Jones and Barr at high on it, but there are plenty of other running backs the school is looking at.

Why wasn’t UCLA in the running for Jake Heaps? (Did they at least try?)
They tried and long ago figured Heaps was BYU bound. I had been hearing that for months, so UCLA decided not waste energy on a kid they didn’t think they could get.

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