Answers, part VI

Here is the sixth installment:

why — this year of all years — is the ucla-usc game being played at the national-media-graveyard-hour of 7pm? a wild surmise — could it be that the powers-that-be are already aware that the usc program is about to be torpedoed by sanctions?
No, it is because the powers that be believe UCLA will not be very good again, and they believe this game will not be competitive.

Moser (6-7) and Honeycutt (6-8) are by all accounts forwards. We are thin in the backcourt, any chance either spends some time next year at sg?
Never say never, but both are wings who could play power forward if necessary. If someone is going to move to shooting guard, I think it will be Mike Roll.

Any idea why it is taking so long to resolve the penalty situation for U$C?
My guess is because the investigation is not over. The thing that should be remembered in this is the NCAA has no legal grounds to make USC or the involved parties speak about what allegedly took place. So, if information is withheld or folks do not want to do interviews, the NCAA has no recourse.

How’s Bobo doing? I still believe he can be a big help next year if he’s healthy, in shape and works hard. Agree?
J’mision Morgan is doing fine, I am told. He was involved in workouts toward the end of last month, and is trying to get in better shape. I believe he can be a shot blocker to help deter dribble penetration, if he is in good shape and knows the defense.

Are recruits aware/told the scholorships are renewed yearly, or is it implied? I was under the impression that one receives a scholorship for as long as they are there barring any academic or legal issues.
They know what the drill is, but none ever think they are going to be the guy not to have their scholarship renewed. And, to be honest, it rarely happens. But the threat of it happening can be a powerful determinant on whether someone transfers.

Do you get the feeling that the staff is really excited about any of the QB’s coming to camp this weekend?
I get the sense the staff is jacked to see a few of the quarterbacks.

How does the coaching staff view Justin Edison as a football player? Is he progressing? Now or never?
Edison has a lot to prove this season. I’ll leave it at that.

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  • michael jay

    thank you brian

  • michael jay

    dohn’s contention that ucla-usc has been moved to 7pm because “the powers that be believe ucla will not be very good again” begs the question — after all, ucla has not been very good for awhile. indeed, most handicappers — including dohn — think they’ll be MORE competitive this year, not less.



    with each post you sound less and less optimistic about the BRUINS…whats up with that?