Answers, Part VIII

Here is the eighth set:

I know you only report fact, but please lose that for one question. From your sources and what you’ve heard, is the NCAA going to sanction USC and if so, what’s the rumor about how severe?
So, you are asking me to go against my professional ethics so you can revel about what is going to happen with USC? Thank you for thinking so much of my standards that you ask me to disregard them.

Are some commitments expected to come out of Saturday’s one day camp?
I expect some to come out of it, although I don’t know who (I have ideas, but I will keep them to myself), and nothing is a given.

Since all of the 2009 recruits were approved by the academic committee before signing their LOI’s, why is it that 2-3 high school signees are now having trouble getting admitted? Did their grades drop since that time?
Because some players were approved conditionally based on the first half of their senior years, and with the expectations the players would achieve a certain level of success in the classroom during the second half of the year. Just like kids can work hard and become eligible, kids can not work hard and fall short.

Do you expect that some highly regarded players not coming this weekend will come to later UCLA FB camps? ie Robert Woods, D Farmer, Kohler, Ward, M Jones, Wilkerson. And do we have fair to good chances at these guys?
Yes, there is a possibility some of the players you mentioned will come to all or part of UCLA’s three-day camp later this month. There’s a chance UCLA will get one or three of those guys, but I don’t see UCLA getting all of them.

Can you elaborate further on Howland’s relationship with the media? Would you ever characterize his conduct as unprofessional or is it that he could be more open with his program?
I don’t have a problem with his professionalism. Sometimes he makes it difficult to get information, and to have access to players. He knows it. I’ve talked about it with him at various times, but it is the way he chooses to do things. He understands my side of it, and I understand what he is saying. We just have different philosophies, that’s all.

What do you think about Paul Richardson’s decommitment given that his father played at ucla?
I thought it was a blow, and then I saw him at the combine, and now I think it is imperative UCLA gets him back. I think the Bruins have a pretty good chance, but it is never a good thing when a kid de-commits.

should we be worried that we have zero football commits right now?

What are your thoughts on the Pauley renovation plans? do you like it and think it’s worth 185 million?
I don’t know how much the cost of a renovation project like that should cost, so I can’t say whether it is worth $185 million. I know UCLA isn’t just throwing $40 million away. I like many of the aspects of the renovation, like some of the concourse ideas, but at the end of the day, the stands will still be too far from the floor, and the atmosphere will suffer greatly.

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  • Buster Bruin

    It will be interesting to see what evolves at the one day camp given Brian’s answer regarding the expectation for commitments.

  • shocker

    Are we still talking about USC?

  • VB’s Office Plant

    Even though it has been over a month since that chick traci made one of her quarterly “I hear Sanctions are coming soon at SC” posts 6 of the first 9 topices on the Bro Premium Board are about SC and one of the other three are about Ipod songs. Sucks to be a Bruin Football Fan.

  • Anonymous

    Brian Dohn said:
    So, you are asking me to go against my professional ethics so you can revel about what is going to happen with USC? Thank you for thinking so much of my standards that you ask me to disregard them.

    LOL!! ROFLMAO! at the one who asked this of Brian

  • Anonymous


    There is nothing wrong with stating your opinion provided you clearly label it as opinion. The unethical thing is to mix opinion and conjecture in your reporting, but giving your opinion in response to a question is ethical.


    Dear VB’s office plant

    Yet you are on a UCLA blog….hhhmmmmmmmmmmm is someone insacure?All good things come to an end or should i say $uspects and Criminals get caught sooner or later!

    See Brian this is the crap im talking about dont threaten me im a Bruin on a Bruin blog!If you want to come after someone come after VB!