Waiting for commitments

UCLA is hosting its one-day camp today, with more than 200 prospects on campus. After losing the commitment of Serra High receiver Paul Richardson last week (he is supposed to camp at UCLA), the Bruins enter the day without any commitments.
They are also the only team in the Pac-10 without a non-binding oral commitment, while conference leader Stanford has 15.
Here is the Pac-10 conference breakdown, according to Scout.com:

Stanford 15
Washington 9
California 6
Washington State 4
Arizona 3
Oregon 3
Arizona State 2
Oregon State 1

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  • bruinmanny

    NICE ! nothing like laying a goose egg . Bringing up the rear end of the PAC10 .

  • Rico Bruin

    Brian is this a change in our recruiting approach?
    Does the fact that SUC has some possible violations looming have anything to do with this?

  • Bruinswin!

    Didn’t we learn the value of early verbal commitments last year?

    They don’t mean anything.


    Randall Carroll
    Morrell Presley
    Stan Hasiak
    Roby Toma
    Marlon Pollard
    + many others

  • amm

    Toma? oh Bruinswin!

  • CalGirl

    Austin Hinder is coming to Cal =) =) =)
    GO BEARS!!!

  • John

    The trend here is so strong (0 commits), you know that Neuheisel has a much grander plan up his sleeve. Look at SC the last few years, all their commitments come late, because they can, they play for the big guns who always wait on or close to signing day. I think Neuheisel is waiting for the NCAA shoe to drop on SC, plus maybe get off to a strong start, and get the win over Tennessee. He does that, and next years class will make this years look weak. He doesnt want kids to commit to him, only to have to tell them he doesnt have room because 5 stars are knocking down the doors to get in.

  • pr

    I blame “Holistic Admissions” for CalGirl’s posts

  • Anonymous

    LOL! pr, so true, so true!

  • Fan4Life

    I would rather have Cal’s (soft) commit at DT. Hinder? Meh.

  • return

    USC’s “late” commits were actually silent commits revealed at the end of recruiting. Last season they started revealing early and were the victims of negative recruiting (where recruiters from other schools talk trash about the program).

    It looks like Neuheisel may be trying to avoid those traps. There’s not way UCLA has no recruits by now.

  • Dan

    Rivals is reporting that we have picked up a commitment from Washington DT Julious Moore, looks like we are back on the board… wooooo

  • Anonymous

    Is it true that Julious Moore committed? Dohn were are you?

  • CalGirl

    Keep Hasiak =) we don’t need him =)
    With new gyms coming and fixed up Memorial Stadium ON CAMPUS with a beautiful view of the bay the best players WILL come =) =) =) youll see.
    Laugh all you want about our Prius and stuff, i’m happy =) =) =) go veggie and dont be grouchy!!! hehehe… fun fun

  • El Maton

    Why would a top recruit committ to UCLA now? Until the so called Dream Team of coaches can win significant games or produces NFL talent, the program isn’t that attractive. Los Angeles isn’t enought to bring in good players. Until the focus is on what UCLA is doing and not what USC is doing, this team will be a middle of the pack Pac10 team.

    I see u Cal girl, rep your school and don’t worry about the haters!

    Go Lakers!