Ariza or Love?

I know there has been some debate about whether Kevin Love is a true UCLA Bruin since he spent only one season in Westwood. Watching the NBA Finals made me think of Trevor Ariza’s one season at UCLA, and also made me wonder what UCLA fans thought. So, here is a poll:

Is Trevor Ariza or Kevin Love more of a UCLA Bruin?
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  • Anonymous

    The idea that someone is not a “true Bruin” because they only played one year is absurd. In my book, once you suit up in a uniform that has those four magical letters stitched across the front (or painted on a helmet) you are a Bruin, period.

    Even those who transfer away, get kicked off teams, or act in ways that are reprehensible are still Bruins. If we truly claim that UCLA is a “family” then you must take the good with the bad. Much like every family has that one (or more than one) crazy relative that nobody likes talking about and hopes never shows up to family functions, for better or worse, the person is still family.

    Go Bruins!!!

  • El Cajon Bruin

    I would say that Love still acts like he is a Bruin & acts like he enjoyed his time at the school. Ariza seems to have a level of disdain for his time at UCLA. I believe he uses his high school, rather than UCLA, during player introductions.

  • Anon

    Ariza spent the most of his year here acting like he wanted to be anywhere else, and his effort and team play suffered for it. It’s ironic that he basically refused to play D in the latter half of that season but is now a defensive stopper. So, he and Love are not at all in the same boat.

  • Anonymous

    when the introduce ariza they say he went to ucla

  • Anonymous

    As of right now the poll has been up for 1.5 hours and received 429 votes. 89% of the voters voted that one or both are Bruins regardless of playing only one season.

    Obviously there is a small but vocal group of anonymous rabble rousers who keep trying to make this a devisive issue while the vast majority don’t share the opinion.

    I think that should put to rest this supposed “controversy” about how many years you need to play to be considered a Bruin. There is no “there” there, so hopefully this will be the last time Brian brings it up.

  • Anonymous

    Trevor’s plan was always one year of college and then the NBA. It had nothing to do with Howland.

  • rejn

    I would consider Love and Ariza Bruins wasy before I will ever think of Jrue Holiday as a Bruin. Both Love and Ariza performed and gave every reason to think that they were worth the hype – Obviously, Love more so Ariza. But both played to their abilities, alot more than obviously what we are now learning about Holiday. Both came to play basketball at UCLA. I can’t really say the same, today, about Holliday. I don’t buy this playing out of position garbage unless it’s something like a guard being asked to play center. I don’t think Holiday was every asked to play anything other than guard – shooting and point…

    Unless your name is Kevin Love, I sure hope Coach Howland thinks twice about recruiting another player with all the hype that Holiday brought to the table. Unfortunatley, he was a total bust and a waste at UCLA.

  • Fan4Life

    From Howland’s tweeter:

    “Congratulations to Trevor and Jordan! 2 more Bruins with a Championship. I can’t wait to see the rings, sit with them, and hear all about it”