Johnson heading to Cal Poly

Former UCLA receiver Dominique Johnson is transferring to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, which plays in the Football Championship Subdivision.
After sitting out the first two games of 2009 because of an NCAA punishment, Johnson will be eligible to play this season.

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  • Tustin Dave

    Best of luck to you Dominique! I wish you the best in everything that you do.

  • Anonymous

    Best of luck DJ! RIP IT UP OUT THERE!

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    I say his choice of schools in VINDICATION for the UCLA coaching staff that “let him go.” After all, if he was such a TALENT, then he would be at a BCS division school. The fact that he is going to ‘Bispo means he wasn’t going to cut it at a BCS school.

    Move on, move on, move on.

    I actually LOVE the fact that CRN and his staff are sweeping the floor and clearing out the debris that is preventing the program from moving forward.

    Purify your labor force, coaches! That’s what I say!

  • Anonymous

    dayum, what couldve been for this guy. hopefully he’ll wake up and not let this be the pattern of his life. eventually u run out of 2nd chances…..

  • Matt

    UB: DJ Smooth had plenty of BCS school choices. He chose Cal Poly SLO because he’ll be able to play next year and because its a decent academic institution. If he went to a BCS divison school he’d have to sit out the entire year next year (his junior year) and then the first two games of his senior year. At SLO he’ll sit out the first two games next year and then be able to play out the rest of that year and the next. I think he made a great choice.

    DJ has BIG-TIME talent. Nobody has EVER beaten him for a jump-ball as far I’ve seen. Its always been his work-ethic / motivation that has been the question.

  • HomeBru

    Who calls it ‘Bispo? That made me laugh out loud.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Matt: The fact that DJ chose ‘Bispo speaks louder than anything I can say.

    HomeBru: Glad I made you chuckle. I could have said SLO or CPSLO or Cal Poly or any number of other nicknames, but ‘Bispo just seemd appropriate for such a stellar institution.

  • dj

    Check out Cal Poly’s talent in the league the last couple years (Had a receiver go before any of even SC’s this year). Have a young starting LB for the eagles too….a bit more than UCLA has had the last couple years. Not to say that Johnson will attain that, but don’t bash my Mustangs…I’m a UCLA fan, but a Cal Poly Alum!

  • Anonymous

    UB: Cal Poly is considered a better academic institution than half the Pac-10: Arizona, Arizona St., Washington St., Oregon and Oregon St..

    Stop being stubborn. I too am glad hes leaving – we have talented young receivers to take his spot. Im not going to trash his choice of schools, however. I don’t think he could have chosen any better: immediate playing time, don’t have to sit out a year, good academic institution, still in California and a program that has recently produced more NFL talent than UCLA.

  • Fan4Life

    Cal Poly gave it to Wisconsin last year at Camp Randall before falling in OT 35-34. And they had a 6’6″ WR drafted in the 3rd round of the most recent draft.

    Plus, DJ doesn’t have to sit out a transfer year, just the 2 games. He still gets to play in front of family and friends since he is from the area. So really, Cal Poly ain’t a bad place to go.

  • mike chat

    they almost did beat wisc. I had no idea which Cal Poly it was. We went up there this winter for a couple of days. Everyone that works in the shops goes to Cal Poly. I asked about 25 people about that game. It wasn’t until the 25th person that actually knew that they had played Wisc. I have a feeling Football is not all that important there.

  • Anonymous

    Ha. Well, unforunately. Most UCLA students don’t care about football these days either. Sad.

  • MoeBruins

    >>> Ha. Well, unforunately. Most UCLA students don’t care about football these days either. Sad.

    There is nothing sad about students choosing different forms of entertainment then we prefer. Maybe their forms of entertainment aren’t as fantasy based as ours.

    After all we are pretending that these are student athletes that are really representative of the student body. That the school is in it for school pride and for then entertainment of the student body. That winning or loosing a football game says something about how good a University UCLA is.

    I guess those students just don’t by into the Fantasyland that we all created.

  • Anonymous

    Actualy, a lot of the student’s forms of entertainemnt are actually probably far more fantasy based than ours. I hear that some of the world’s top World of Warcraft clans call UCLA home. Football is real.

  • Anonymous

    Why is he suspended for 2 games?

  • Anonymous

    NCAA penalty for playing in the first two games his freshman year – he got hurt and didn’t play the rest of the year. They granted him an extra year of eligibility – small price to pay for that.

  • Brian Dohn

    Anonymous, you are close, but off on the details a bit.
    When he was a true freshman he was inserted into a blowout loss late in the fourth quarter of the opening game. It was the only game he played. The coaching staff told the NCAA he was mistakenly put into the game, so as a penalty for getting the year back, he has to sit double the number of games he appeared in. Since he played in one game, he must sit out two games.

  • Coach Thom

    I wish all Bruins, past and present, the very best. Good luck, Dom, and I hope to see you pull in some great catches on many Sundays to come.