Warner says UCLA unlikely

Compton College defensive tackle Branden Warner said today it is now unlikely he will go to UCLA, where he orally committed, marking a huge blow to the Bruins. He was expected to contend for a starting position.
Warner said he spoke at length with members of the coaching staff Sunday, but he no longer feels comfortable with the program. He said the lengthy conversations with UCLA were because the staff “is still trying to get me to go there.”
Asked what the problem was with UCLA, Warner said “a whole bunch of stuff’.” He added UCLA did not remain in close contact with him during a trying time this spring in which he was finishing classes and trying to resolve an outstanding tuition bill. He said his transcripts were released to schools today.
Does it look like UCLA is out of the picture?
“Probably, but I can’t say definite,” he said.
Warner said he is now looking at New Mexico State, SMU and Ohio University.
“They are all about even right now,” Warner said.

  • lobo

    Recruited by DeWayne Walker, then and now?

  • BruinFaithful


    What a freaken surprise. What a bunch of BS. This kid has NOT been honest and has NOT delivered on what he has promised. What a surprise that he is ALL of a sudden not interested in UCLA, all the while telling Brian and others that he is committed, everything is in order, blah blah blah. I would bet money he didn’t get the grades necessary. Let’s move on already. Good luck pal.

  • Resource Guy

    What does that mean? Does this bring about one of the classic Dohn responses, “There is more to it than what we are being told and sometimes the problems are not always on the field or classroom problems.” Perhaps a Renardo Sydney type problem? Admissions not wanting to take the risk? We can speculate all we want but reality is UCLA football took a major hit today.

  • mike chat

    3 major powerhouses. Do they have different admissions than UCLA? It seems like a whole bunch of schools need a DT. Why Ohio Univ?

  • Bruintx

    NMS, SMU and Ohio are his alternate choices for a college degree? All because he didnt perceive he was shown enough love by UCLA? “Wow” is all I have to say…
    (there is still time to come to your senses Branden)

  • TruBruin

    Two words:

    Prima Donna

    Brian, who was giving you all those updates from Warner’s side? The Bills, the transcripts next week……….next week…………next week……….
    Did you hear anything about this between the lines?
    UCLA is working on their 2010 recruiting class now and poor Brandon was not getting enough attention any more.

    Pass on UCLA for SMU, NMSU,and OHIO U…………..Dont let the door hit you in the ass kid.

  • Sunset Bruin

    Yeah, I would rather go to Northwest Central Missouri State than a BCS school! What an obvious case of trying to save face for not completing his graduation requirements.

  • Alex18

    “He said his transcripts were released to schools today.” Gonna go out on a limb and say that is the reason.

  • so west Coast

    im over this drama

  • Anonymous

    i would have liked to see him come to UCLA, but big deal if he doesnt. its not like the team is one JC transfer DT away from being competitive… we all understand we are in rebuidling years and he would be gone by the team CRN and his staff have solid players at more positions and depth. Good luck to the kid wherever he chooses to go. GO BRUINS!

  • captainqtp

    Too bad… he could have been great side by side with Price in two seasons. Sierwierksiskskeiseriwki is good for this year, but I’m worried about next.

  • Steve

    Not exactly unexpected, the way things are going.

  • scott in seattle

    Not that I am a fan of Dorrell’s (I’m not), but had this occurred on his watch, the reactions would have been a whole lot different. just saying is all. Too bad for the Bruins, too bad for this kid…hope he learns to accept responsibility for his own actions in the future and not blame others. This episode was a bad indicator of his character, for sure.

  • Anonymous

    People on this blog are thinking with their heart,not their brain.The kid said Ucla did not stick by him when he was in need,now that he’s ready to go Ucla is back on him.Translation,Ucla did’nt think he was going to make it,but now that he’s made it Ucla wants him again,Ucla fumbled this one.This kid had offers from Tennessee,and Lsu,now there are no scholarships left he has to go to lesser schools,thats an indictment on the staff that BRANDON IS WILLING TO GO TO NMSU over Ucla.

  • Anonymous

    Ucla dropped the ball on this one,this kid had offers to tennessee and lsu,the reason he has to go lesser schools is because its late in the game,the kid said Ucla left him hanging.Translation=Ucla didnt think he was going to get the bill paid,when he did Ucla tried to scoop him up,but now the kid feels Ucla did’nt stick by him.

  • Nathan Exp

    This is hilarious. What could UCLA have done about his tuition bill? Are those other schools helping out? Good luck to him at one of the other schools.

  • lavsmousse

    This kid has clown written all over him. Adios and dont let the admissions door hit you you know where.

  • Coach Thom

    Losing any DT with potential to start in Sept is a major blow. RN has a couple of good HS players on the radar but as far as I know, he hasn’t planned for this eventuation. Maybe he’s a got an ace up his sleeve. Hope so.

  • http://www.zoyzoy.com Jeffrey Ropp

    What a joke. After multiple empty promises, we’re supposed to believe that his newly revealed grades are a non factor and that UCLA failed?

    How exactly did UCLA fail to stand by him? His offer wasn’t pulled. It was HIS responsibility to pay his bills and demonstrate that he could acceptably handle the rigorous coursework at Compton College. Branden obviously has issues with character, personal responsibility, and commitment.

    Good riddance and good luck indeed. You’ve wasted another giant opportunity in your life and selected a fine list of employers, errrr academic institutions to compete for your services.

  • j_doe

    Junior college is a “trying time?” Don’t think he would have been able to make it anyway. A few weeks from now we will find out from Rivals that he is a one-star recruit, just like Edwards who we were all jonesing over last year, before he went on to Cal to become a 3rd string O lineman.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Give me a massive break, bloggers!

    1. Recruits do not decide for or against a school because of what is written by us bloggers! (You guys think much too highly of yourselves.)

    2. Dohn is a REPORTER, not a soothesayer. He REPORTS what his reliable sources tell him, but that is no guarantee of 100% accuracy.

    3. Warner may be LYING. Did you ever stop to think that? Maybe he can’t meet the UCLA admissions standards and is ‘saving face’ by making up some exuce about NO love for the coaches. He KNOWS the coaches won’t blow the whistle that he was too stupid to get in. After all, if he was an honor student with all these ‘skills’ he wouldn’t be in JUCO now, would he!

    4. As one blogger astutely points out, one JUCO transfer is not going to make or break our season. Would have been nice to have him, but we shouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

    5. As I have oft-said about recruits . . . It ain’t official until they step foot in the classroom. Even then, they can bolt out the door is the breeze stirs their loinclothes.

    6. I don’t think our coaching staff would have treated him cavalierly if they truly wanted him. If he has that thin of skin, I say, let DeWayne deal with him in New Mexico.

  • Anon

    If he ends up coming here all you guys will want to marry him again.

  • Anonymous

    can he be that good if only those types of schools are available to him?

    and…whats he upset about? that ucla wouldnt give him money to help him “resolve an outstanding tuition bill?” uuhh, u gotta go to $c for that kind of “help”…but ur not good enough for them are u?

    im hoping eventually we’ll be able to target higher than this….

  • Anonymous

    If he could’nt get in, Ucla would’nt be trying to convince him,obviously something rubbed him the wrong way,maybe that is why Ucla has 1 commit at the moment,maybe its the arrogance of the staff,just like on this blog.He may be just one recruit ,but sometimes its the subtle moves in recruiting that gets you over,not the splashy ones,its seems Neu likes the splashy ones.

  • Fan4Life

    Well that sucked the big one. It’s always 2 steps forward and 1 step back. So frustrating.

  • ChristoRedendo

    Too bad for the young man. Unfortunately, he hasn’t a clue as to the responsibilites that comes with being ‘given’ the opportunity of an education at one of the top U.S. universities.

    He of course accuses ‘others’ for his choice who didn’t give him the love during his trying Spring. (It would be interesting to see the final transcript.) I’ll tell you what’s trying, kid…flunk out of school in the ’70s and your butt was in Viet Nam.

    It’s good UCLA fb learned now so a scholarship won’t be wasted on a player with such lack of character. These are the type of intangibles that are difficult for coaches to determine when recruiting for potential athletic talent.

  • bbruin

    This kid is as clueless as some of the anon posters here.

    First he gets bent because UCLA isnt in contact with him in spring. Little does he know it is the ‘dead period’ and non-signed recruits cant be contacted by anyone. Somebody finally clued him in about that weeks later.

    So he cools down and then gets bent because he cant pay his bills and we cant do it for him (I guess?).

    Then 2 weeks ago we hear how things are great and it is a done deal. Now when said transcripts, that are now weeks or months late (who cares?), arrive it is suddenly UCLA’s fault. PLEASE read between the lines, its called NON-QUALIFIER.

    Get pissed at admissions if you must, not the coaching staff. Donovan Carter Part II.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t qualify?? UCLA leads the nation BY FAR in special athlete admits. If he wanted to come to UCLA they would have no problem getting him in.

  • Bruins095

    UCLA does not lead the nation in special admits, this just keeps getting recycled. Cal is just one of several schools with more special admits.

    I keep wondering if there is something else to this. On it’s surface, the entire situation never seemed right. What did he expect during the dead period? UCLA desperately needs depth on at this position, but this kid may be a risk. With so much drama already, perhaps he will suddenly change his mind and say he wants to come. You never know with some of these kids.

  • PeterUCLA

    Does being an anonymous poster give you the right to say completely stupid and uninformed things?

    Dohn posted GPA/test scores a while back that revealed UCLA to be second in the Pac-10 behind only Stanford in the academic qualifications of its athletes. What is your evidence that UCLA leads the nation in special admits?

    In any case, schools with lower standards like USC, Arizona State, Ohio State, and others don’t have to enroll as many students by “special admit” because their overall standards are actually lower.

    In any case, unless you are from Stanford, your school’s academic standards for athletes is lower than UCLA’s, so you need to pipe down.

  • Anonymous

    i actually agree with UB’s post this time, thumbs up to you UB!

    and also, what did some of you and Warner expect UCLA to do while he was in limbo. They couldn’t help him pay his bills, that would be a violation. I think Brian did a great job on updating the blog with the status of this kid, and it looks like he is too diva to me.

  • MoeBruins

    For those criticizing the coaching staff this blog or anything else related to Warner lets forget.

    Warner told Dohn he was probably not going to end up at UCLA but instead is looking into New Mexico State, SMU and Ohio University.

    If you believe a local football player with pro ambitions would turn down the chance to be a starter at UCLA to play at New Mexico State, SMU or Ohio, let me sell you some of my ocean front property in Nevada. What these schools do have in common is that they all will let anyone in.

    So unless Warner ends up at another Pac-10 school or some other big division school there is no reason to believe anything other then the fact that Warner must have some serious issues that are stopping schools from taking him.

  • Alex18

    Anonymous, even Harvard, Yale, and Williams lower their standards for athletes. A special admit at one of those places, Stanford, or UCLA is quite often an easy qualifier for Colorado State, SDSU, etc. Your argument means pretty much nothing given the different standards for different schools. UCLA is well documented to have admissions standards for athletes higher than the NCAA-mandated minimum (something I wish they didn’t), so some quick research and slightly deeper thinking should refute your ideas.

  • Bobcat

    I take offense to “these schools will let anyone in”. I assure you, Ohio is not easy to get in to for anyone. As far as the non-qualifier comments…if he didn’t qualify for UCLA, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t qualify for the other schools either.


    How many times are Warner and his parents going to comment on here anonymously? Anon 1:50 is the only post that stands out for being particularily classless.

  • uscfd

    One less kid to run off to get down to the scholarship limit.

    With Johnson transferring, you’re about there aren’t you?

  • tehpeople

    The bruins are to the trojans what the clippers are to the lakers.

    At least other schools are losing recruits besides the Ducks.

    Juior college is a trying time, especially when you are taking all those prerequisits for real classes.

    maybe he lost his parking pass? Maybe the cafeteria ran out of chocolate milk? Maybe the rubber backing backing came off the ping pong paddle at the rec center?

    It really doesn’t matter.

    Only the Ducks have a real shot of knocking off USC and taking the pac 10 title this year.

    Go Ducks!

  • Anonymous

    you idiots think SMU will let anyone in? dream on…

    2009 Tuition and Fees: $33,170
    2008 Total enrollment: 10 829

    2009 Tuition: $7,034
    2008 Total enrollment: 38,896

  • Anonymous

    The college board collects standardized admissions data from colleges and universities. As far as who is admitted, the data speak volumes.

    On the basis of SAT scores, SC looks the most selective. Scores for the middle 50% of students at USC are higher than at UCLA or SMU (which are about equal). But most folks will say UCLA is the toughest school of the three for admittance.

    A look at h.s. GPAs shows this to be true: At SMU, only 40% of students had a h.s. GPA of 3.75 or greater and only 42% were in the top tenth of their h.s. class; at USC, the numbers are 53% and 87%; while at UCLA it’s 92% and 97%.

    According to the data, the SAT differential at UCLA shouldn’t be much different than SMU’s, and lower than SC’s, but there’s no question it’s easier for the average Joe to get admitted at SMU.

  • Randall

    All I know is that I know tons of people that have gotten in to USC and have been rejected by UCLA. I have never once heard of a person getting accepted by UCLA and rejected by USC. Never met anyone remotely interested in SMU, but this is LA afterall.

  • Thomas Soteros-McNamara

    USC has certainly become tougher to get into…but there’s no question its standards for athletic admission are lower than UCLA. The Trojans have a lot of flexibility in admissions that the Bruins don’t because of Prop 209.

    Even so…Dohn hath said that DTs are the hardest players to develop in college…so this is a blow regardless of how bright the future looks.

  • The Bitter Truth

    Some of the Bruins fans here have a lot of hate in their hearts.

  • cliq

    @ Anon 4:09pm
    Actually, private schools like USC and SMU select the highest test scores out of all of the tests a student takes. UCLA only selects the score from one sitting. While the scores are somewhat comparable, you must keep that in mind when thinking SMU and UCLA have the exact same SAT scores.

  • 1804

    Go Bobcats

  • Anonymous

    does he have any cheese to go with his whine? This is big time football. It is obvious by his choices that he wants his hand held on a daily basis

  • Poor Gutty Little Bruins

    You lose another recruit, then scream, “Our admissions are tougher!” Please. In terms of football, USC and ucla both take jucos, but neither take partial qualifiers. Period.

    In terms of non-football players, USC has tougher admissions (albeit not significantly tougher) than ucla. Just check the acceptance rate for both schools, along with mean GPA’s and SAT’s, in the US News and World Report annual ratings guide. Note to bruins: don’t let the facts get in your way!

    Trojan for life. Bruin for four years. It’s a great day to be a Trojan!