Warner to New Mexico State

Just got off the phone Branden Warner and he told me he was going to New Mexico State, where former UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker is the head coach.
“I am going to head to New Mexico State,” Warner said. “Right now, me and UCLA were having problems. I am on my way to call (Bruins coach Rick) Neuheisel today.”
As a side note, Warner said he is fully qualified, meaning he would be eligible to play at UCLA.

(Editor’s note: Sources told me that Warner was told if he received his A.A. degree and was NCAA qualified, UCLA’s admissions said they would admit him to school.)

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  • 13-9

    I can’t wait to see how long it takes for Warner’s transcripts to get to Las Cruces. Hopefully he can track down the carrier pigeon he sent out months ago.

  • ChristoRedendo

    Not really surprizing that Warner landed at NM State. Hopefully he can develop some character under Coach Walker.

    Considering the battling comments about the admission requirements of various schools in Brian’s previous entries on Warner, I wonder where along the spectrum NMS is situated?

    Is it lean more towards Warner’s community college or the Ivy League/Public Ivy’s (like UCLA).

    I’m sure with a partial transcript Warner can simply be a transfer without degree.

  • Hiero

    Qualified? Did he ever get his transcripts to UCLA?

  • UCLA Tripod

    Carrier Pigeons, hahahaha

    I would like to give the kid the benefit of the doubt but at this point I cant trust anything he says. He is certainly trying to save face because he knew he wasnt going to be admitted. Either way its a big loss to us.

  • Anonymous

    it says Warner said he is fully qualified… that means nothing. lol

  • Burbank Bruin

    Per the Orlando Sentinel’s article, NM’s admission standards for its athletes are very low. (a 3, compared to UCLA’s 8)

    “Warner said he is fully qualified, meaning he would be eligible to play at UCLA.” Good for a nice laugh…

  • lavsmousse

    Branden, we hardly knew ye but judging by your statement about UCLA, neither did your English prof at Compton JC.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who remembers the Neil McCarthy days can tell you that ‘Admission standards’ at NMSU is an oxymoron.

  • so west Coast

    yeah, NM State will get this kid’s transcripts next week

    …we all know what that means.

  • barrya

    Brian, I note you carefully say that it is young Mr Warner who states he is fully qualified and would be eligible to play at Ucla. Do you have independent confirmation of that statement? Just wondering…

  • mike chat

    “Right now, me and UCLA were having problems.”

    Did you misquote him or did he really talk that way? or did he type it out and just doesn’t know english?

    He is on his way to call Neuheisel? Do you have to go somewhere to make a phone call nowadays? No cell? No Coach Neuheisel? Something is amiss here. Also, him saying he is going to NMS and actually getting in might be 2 different scenarios also.

  • Anonymous

    based on recent accounts in other papers, doesn’t sound like he’s going to NM state either…

  • Coach Thom

    Grow a brain, Branden. Replace your bruised ego with a ‘professional’ work ethic, and return to a highly esteemed university program that not only needs you but can nurture you. You wanna play on Sundays? Play at UCLA first.

  • Reality bites

    “Warner said he is fully qualified, meaning he would be eligible to play at UCLA.”

    “Qualified/eligible” does not mean “admitted”. Meeting the NCAA minimum standards gets you qualified/eligible, it’s not guaranty to get you admitted. DeWayne shouldn’t count his chickens before they hatch. If the kid can’t get his transcripts from Compton to LA, how’s he going to get them to Las Cruces?

  • BruinFaithful

    “Warner said”?????

    HAHAHAHA!!!! LMAO. That’s the funniest thing you’ve said in a LONG time Brian. I thought you only reported fact? It’s obvious we can’t take anything this kid says as fact. When you or anybody else sees those transcripts let us know.

  • Anonymous

    According to Teddy Feinberg’s blog from Las Cruces Sun News, “No,” Warner said when asked if he was coming to NMSU. “I’m just not going to UCLA anymore.”


  • Ryan

    dude messed up my depth chart…

  • BruinFaithful


    My point exactly. I’ve been saying this ALL along. This kid needs a lesson in ethics and credibility. He’s been playing UCLA and everybody else ALL along. Telling UCLA and Brian one thing and other sources other things. Saying he was fully commited to UCLA, both here and on Scout.com, then still tripping to Washington and telling them how much he likes it up there. I can’t remember the last time I saw a bigger BS’er in UCLA recruiting. Just look at what he’s said here and what he has said on scout.com to different schools. NO CREDIBILITY!!!!