Answers, Part I

Lots of questions this week, which is a good thing since there will be no Q&A next week because of the July 4 holiday. Not sure how many sets of answers yet, but I’m thinking there will be 15 to 17, so I will post a few sets Saturday.
Now, onto the first set of answers:

You said in a previous Q&A that UCLA had a few silent commits. Were those the commits that came out and make it public this week?
One of those commitments came out. I know of another one, but I am skeptical it will pan out.

What are your thoughts on the “USA 2 ESP 0” victory? Greatest win in USA Futbol history?
I don’t see it as the greatest win in U.S. history because it was not in the World Cup. I think the 2002 win against Portugal would be bigger, and although I wasn’t around for the 1950 win against England, I would think that was bigger. However, I think it was much bigger than the Gold Cup win against Brazil a decade ago. And if the U.S. could somehow beat Brazil on Sunday, I think that would be the biggest win because it would mean a FIFA trophy.

Given the Donovan Edwards and Branden Warner debacles the last two years, do you think the football staff has or will sour on trying to get JC transfers? Or do desperate times call for desperate measures?
No, because although Edwards and Warner did not work out, Ryan Taylor is in school and the Bruins are hopeful Eddie Williams will finish his coursework and be at the school in August. UCLA took a chance with both of them and neither panned out, but that happens in recruiting. It is no different than something failing when recruiting a high school player.

Any reaction from the UCLA hoops staff as to the O’Neil hire at SUC? Did Howland get along with O’Neil the year he was the UA coach?
No reaction, really. They were interested, but there was nothing out of the ordinary. And Howland isn’t someone who gets particularly close to many coaches he opposes, so there was no issue with O’Neill when he was at Arizona.

Are you looking forward to watching Hasaik and/or Su-a-Filo trying to block Brian Price in scrimmages? Your best prediction, having seen neither of them play yet?
If Sua’-Filo is blocking Price very often, that would be something since Sua’-Filo is going to play tackle and Price will be lined up inside. And more than watching Hasiak try to block Price, I just want to see whether or not he knows his assignments and whether he can handle it strength-wise.

Did Aboya get his graduate degree? Is he still planning on playing in Europe?
He did not get his graduate degree. He took the quarter off to work out. If the NBA does not work out, he is going to play in Europe.

Have the freshman basketball players arrived on campus yet and, if so, how do they look? Will they be participating in pick-up games this summer?
They arrived on campus Sunday and began playing pickup games Monday, but I have not seen them. And Tyler Honeycutt is not playing because of his back injury.

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