Answers, Part II

Here is the second set:

You said that you would give an update on Josh Smith this week. Is he any closer to deciding?
I was unable to get in touch with him during the week. I don’t know when he will decide, but I will continue to try him and give an update as soon as I get him. Sorry about that.

What do you think fair expectations should be for the football team this season?
I am going into it believing if UCLA does not make a bowl game, it will be a bad season and could affect recruiting. To me, looking on the positive side, I think UCLA can win eight games if the quarterback plays well and the offensive line is serviceable.

I can’t believe the question i submitted is getting so much attention!!
Anyway, Do you think some big name guys like Seantrel Henderson, Sean Parker, and Malcolm Jones will wait it out till signing day?

I don’t know if they will wait until signing day, and trying to project when a 17-year-old kid is going to commit in the next seven months is not an easy thing. But even if they do commit, I think other schools will still recruit each one very hard.

Are you allowed to report on the 7 on 7s? Not asking you to go out and write about it – but you’ve obviously got your sources. Can you report anything they’re seeing or hearing?
I can go out to them and I will next week, but they just started last week and it is not as if much relevant happens. The ideas of 7-on-7s is to become familiar with the playbook and teammates. I don’t put too much stock in how well guys are performing in them.

Do you see O’Neill as a long term guy or someone to fill in?
I don’t think USC will have many long-term coaches for basketball because if they do very well, they will jump to another program. If they do poorly, they will get fired.

Do you think Eric Kohler and Chris Ward will end up at UCLA?
After last week’s Cassius Marsh meltdown, I’m not giving my opinion on things like that.

On to the question: Does UCLA have a legitimate shot at either George Uko or Ricky Heimuli?
Yes, especially the way UCLA closed last year in recruiting when it comes to Heimuli. But, to me, Uko remains the more likely choice now that UCLA has offered. He liked UCLA so much leading up to the offer, I think that counts as something in the long run.

Area you aware of any more offers, besides Nottingham & Flowers, that went out after the 3 day camp?
I am checking to see if there was one or two other offers that I was hearing about and will let you know.

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  • Anonymous

    Seriously, what is the Cassius Marsh “meltdown” people keep alluding to?

  • Anonymous

    Can I rephrase then Brian? Do we have a good chance at either Kohler or Ward?

  • Anonymous

    Really it’s time to eliminate all the hypothetical recruiting questions. I love Q & A but it gets tiring having to weed through the same questions each week. Especially when a player commits to another school and everybody goes Chicken Little on Dohn.

    Do any of you people remember signing day 4 months ago? Anything can happen and usually does. Asking Brian where he thinks a player will commit 8 months before signing day is irresponsible and idiotic.


    Q & A will be much better off.




    I was thinking the same thing – except we should eliminate the Pauley questions as well. Unfortunately, recruiting is a year-round activity, and since we frequently lose many of the higher-rated recruits to USC, it’s become somewhat of a goal to focus on getting players that otherwise may look across town.

    Your point about signing day is understood and valid. Brian does have inside info on recruits and should be accessible to inquire. No one freaks out on Biggins like this.

  • Anonymous

    I like the hypothetical recruiting questions.

  • Javy

    Seriously guys. Quit with the “hypoethetical silent commits” questions already!

    You all know that if Dohn can say something, HE WILL!

    Be more creative!

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I’m over USC basketball questions on coaches, players, former coaches, former players… etc.

  • Anonymous

    If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it on the same day a butterfly in China flaps it’s wings… will anyone tell me what the Cassius Marsh thing is?

    I scanned a few back posts and there’s nothing about it, was it all erased?

  • El Cajon Bruin

    I like hypothetical UCLA recruiting questions but hate hypothetical Professional soccer and crab fishing questions. This is a UCLA blog, afterall. I’ll go to the Deadliest Catch and Prfessional Soccer blogs if I have any interest in those topics.

  • Coach Thom

    Would it be right or maybe wrong if I were to ask what hypothetical means?

  • Steve

    Good point, El Cajon. It’s interesting that we never get the often present condescending tone when a hypothetical Deadliest Catch or soccer question is asked.