Answers, Part III

Here is the third set:

I’ve seen a lot of complaining about our recent commitments being 3 star and not 4 or 5 star guys. Do the coaches ever use any of these recruiting star systems in their recruitment of players, or do they have there own kind of grading scale?
The coaches don’t care about the stars. They care about watching film, seeing a player in person and deciding whether or not that player can play at UCLA. The stars are used to create buzz, but the coaches do not recruit based on them.

Having watched spring practice, are you standing by your 8-win prediction for football?
Was it a prediction or just something I was mentioning at the time, when the question was asked? I may have written this team SHOULD win eight games but I don’t believe I wrote this team WILL win eight games. Big, big difference.

Your thoughts about the O’Neill hire? Only person that would take the job?
I think there were plenty of folks who would take the job, but not with his resume. It is a strange hire because of the way things ended for him at Arizona, but I think USC could have done a lot worse. I also think it was a safe hire because he is a name, but he doesn’t come with the baggage of others.

Is ucla looking at another quarterback to take in the class, possibly shrieve or kasdorf?
Nope. UCLA has its quarterback, and the plan is to take only one.

Are the coaches recruitng Epenesa and Laguifina the two hawaii DTs hard, they look like they’re ours if we were to recruit them hard and would probably play immediatly given their size
My understanding is both have UCLA offers, so that tells me UCLA is recruiting them. However, with the recent defensive tackle commitments, I don’t think it is as pressing to get them. UCLA can now sit back and wait for others.

Most likely to happen in the 2009/10 school year: UCLA football with 7+ wins, UCLA basketball w/20+ wins or UCLA football with a Top 10 recruiting year?
These type of questions have run its course, much like the haikus did. UCLA hoops with 20 wins is a lock.

FB Recruiting—too early to worry?
Much, much, much, much too early to worry about recruiting. If UCLA plays well during the season, recruiting will be fine.

why does UCLA wait so long to announce game times?
It is not UCLA’s doing. The Pac-10 television contract gives ABC/ESPN/Fox a 12-day window to chose games, so the game times cannot be set until television makes the decision, which is usually less than two weeks before kickoff.

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  • Anonymous

    Brian, quit trying to weasel out about saying this team will win 8 games… if you said they should, that means you are predicting they will win 8 games. be a man and stand by it. dont try to play these word games like if we are your children (even though we do act worse then them sometimes!).

  • Anonymous

    Most likely to happen in the 2009/10 school year: UCLA football with 7+ wins, UCLA basketball w/20+ wins or UCLA football with a Top 10 recruiting year?

    All three.