Answers, Part IV

Here is set No. 4:

Does UCLA have a chance of landing Seantrel Henderson, or is it a total pipe dream?
Pipe dream.

Who works their men harder, Cap Sig or Coach Howland?
Well, I get to see Sig behind the scenes more with his guys more than Howland. I bet Sig would open practice.

Do you feel the coaches settled on Nottingham (QB)? E.g. do you feel they were more or less forced to grab him based on him being the “next available guy” on their board, or was he somebody they legitimately wanted?
He was the next available on the board, but UCLA does think he has a good upside. He is smart, I am told he picks up defensive concepts well and he has a big frame. I don’t think he’s the next John Elway, but give him a few years to develop and let’s see then.

How many DTs do the football coaches want to bring in with the 2010 class? The more the better as far as I’m concerned.
Not that many more. There are already two committed, and I would think one or two more would do the trick. You can’t overload the position, and you cannot cause a huge imbalance in your classes or the same problem will come up in four more years.

Does DT David Carter have a chance to contribute this year? How has he looked?
He better contribute now that Branden Warner isn’t coming. And how has he looked in what? Spring practice ended two months ago.

Using the eyeball test just how big were Stan Hasiak and Xavier Su’a Filo?
They were bigger and looked stronger than any freshmen I’ve seen in six years covering UCLA.

Is freshmen Reeves Nelson as ugly in person as he is in his scout and rivals profile pics?
Boy, that is classy. Nice to know how superficial (not to mention mean) you are. Congrats. I’m sure your parents are proud.

Do you think DeMar DeRozan has more pro potential than OJ Mayo? People seem to be praising his attitude and comparing him to Trevor Ariza – meaning a player who (still) has a huge upside.
Yes, I do, but only because Mayo is such a selfish player. He will jack up shots with no care about how it affects the team. If Mayo was more of a team player, I would go with him. But DeRozan has sick athleticism.

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  • Anonymous

    Brian, thanks for the DeRozan answer.

    And to whoever asked the Reeves Nelson question… wow, you are just special.
    If Dohn banned you from posting I bet nobody would shed a tear.

  • Anonymous

    Brian, can you arrange a fight between the guy who asked the Reeves question and XSF/Hasiak, to see which one punches harder?

  • Anonymous

    Just what we would need. XSF or Hasiak breaking their hand on some idiots face…

  • SBBruin

    I really hope that whoever asked the Nelson question is a USC troll and not a Bruin. Totally classless.

  • javy

    I asked the Reeves Nelson question kind of as a joke because my USC friends were always joking about Lorenzo Mata but then I saw Reeves’ pics and they arent pretty.

    Of course I watched his game and his looks have nothing to do with how fierce of a player he is out there.

    Lighten up people.

  • Anonymous

    Alright javy,
    At least tell me you’re not a student or alumni.

  • Brian Dohn


    The reason I take offense to it is because there is a chance his family is reading it. And I know Reeves’ dad reads a lot of things. Some jokes are left unsaid.

  • Ken

    Dohn, why don’t you just not post/answer questions like that if you find them offensive? It seems a little hypocritical to say it’s mean then go ahead and post it for all to see.

  • Brian Dohn


    I thought about that, but decided to use this example as a way to try and show people why some sensitivity is needed.

  • mike04

    Can’t those comments just be left out instead of having this conversation, risking someone he knows actually sees this?

  • Javy

    I am a HUGE UCLA fan and I understand that people’s family and friends and the students athletes themselves read Brian’s blog because it is the best one out there!

    I apologize to the Nelson family if they are offended or saddened, but he isnt a kid anymore and a fan calling him ugly isnt anywhere as harsh as the treatment he will get when we visit Oregon and Washington next season.

  • Coach Thom

    I’m ugly as hell but that never stopped me from getting all the love I can possibly handle. In fact, being pig ugly helped me enormously in my coaching career.

  • Brian Dohn

    I thought about that Javy, but just because the Oregon and Washington folks have no class doesn’t mean I should have no class.

  • Mark

    Calling a poster immature and showing how superior you are by condescending the post while also ensuring an attack on a teenager becomes public is far more classy than just ignoring it. Important to teach people lessons.

  • AC

    Actually, I think Reeves looks a lot like Jerry O’ Connell, who is a pretty good looking guy…who happens to be married to quite a hot gal, Rebecca Romijn. Maybe the pix on are bad, but I think he’ll look like quite a bruiser in a UCLA uniform, and as a man I can say he just looks manly. If you think that looking manly is ugly, well, there you go. Pretty idiotic comment I must say.