Answers, Part IX

Here is ninth set:

Any idea where we stand with the following BB recruits?
Keala King
Trey Zeigler
Ray McCallum
None have been offered to my knowledge.

What’s your take on the recruitment of Robert Woods and Paul Richardson, does UCLA get both or just one (Richardson) from what your sources tell you, also is Milton Knox thinking about transferring….never hear about him much…thanks as always Mr. Dohn
My sources tell me UCLA can get both Woods and Richardson, neither or them, or one of them. If the kids don’t know, how would I know? As for Knox, I asked him and he said he was not transferring. He loves UCLA, and given two running backs just left, it didn’t make sense for him to leave.

If you’ve ever had any personal interactions with O’Neill, what is he like and what do you think of him?
I have not had any dealings with him.

When you see Hasiak and Su’Filo at camp in August, what specifically will you be interested in seeing?
Whether they are in shape and whether they know what they are doing, in regards to assignments, in practice.

what attributes of a defensive tackle does darius savage lack? given ucla’s lack of depth at the position, both this year and next, it would seem a natural move. or is he just not a FB player?
His pad level is too high so offensive linemen can get underneath him and lift him off his feet. I am curious to see if they move Savage. I think it has a good chance of happening.

What were your thoughts on new DC Bullough during spring practice? How did the players respond to him?
The players responded well to him because he is no-nonsense, and because it was only 15 practices. In order to get a true read on things, you need to wait a full season to see how Bullough reacts in games, and how the players react to Bullough in the heat of the battle.

Is there any back story on Woods transferring?
None, other than the coaches do not want him to transfer.

I can make comments from my home computer, but not my office computer. However, I can comment on the USC blog at both home and work. What’s going on?
Email our tech guy at

What’s the biggest adjustment that freshman FB players have to make once they arrive for college ball?
Speed of the game. Most go from being the best player on a high school team to just another player in college.

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  • Anonymous

    Why would anybody would want to go to the USC blog?

    Nothing better to do?

  • gubon13

    Maybe your IT guys went to USC?

  • Boston Bruin

    On the USC-UCLA Rivalry

    I agree that it is a fierce, but amicable rivalry. I lived in LA for more than a decade (a UCLA alum) and in Texas for 10 years and in N. Carolina for a couple of years. And now here in Boston for awhile.

    That said, the biggest difference I see is that most Southern Californias are fans of athletics, the college fans in Texas and North Carolina are fans of specific sports, i.e. football and basketball.

    If you count the number of all-sport national championships between the Los Angeles teams its mind blowing.

    In LA, I had four season tickets to the Rose Bowl with two other guys and we took turns inviting a 4th. There were many times we invited USC fans (but not to the UCLA-USC game!).

    The big myth is that UCLA’s favorite team is anyone who beats USC. I’m glad to see USC win against another conference team.

    I beseech UCLA fans not to be Red Sox fans. I was applaled by the inferior attitude Sox fans have against the Yankees. It’s the Yankees sucks at every turn, ever after winning two World Series!!!

    UCLA is a world class university with the greatest number of national chamionships in sports.

  • bbruin


    All 3 of these BB recruits have offers. Go check it out on the databases. Only King is a recent offer. Oh well, I guess we will wait and see on these ones.