Answers, Part V

Here is the fifth set:

What type of pro-potential do you see in the current crop of Bruins heading into the NBA draft?
I don’t understand. Do you mean the incoming recruiting class, or the players who were drafted Thursday?

Among college sports rivalries, where do you think UCLA-USC ranks in terms of animosity between the fans?
I’m not sure because I cover UCLA, so I know how they feel. In talking to ‘SC fans, I don’t get the sense they care nearly as much about UCLA as UCLA fans do about ‘SC fans. And I have no idea what Duke-North Carolina is like on a daily basis, ditto for Oklahoma-Texas or Auburn-Alabama, ect.

I have yet to read that Brandon Warner has actually enrolled or signed with NMSU or any other university. Is UCLA still trying to win him back, or has that ship sailed?
No, UCLA has moved on. He can only sign scholarship papers with New Mexico State, but he said he will enroll in early July, when the second session of summer school begins there.

I think I’m behind, who is Cassius March?
He is a highly-rated defensive tackle from Oaks Christian who is being recruited by all the big programs.

I’m only asking this because I’m too excited about today’s result. Frankly, I’d ask anyone who knows anything about soccer really. Anyway, what do you think about the US team now? One game, yes. But it was a huge game. Huge result.
It was a great, great result, and the effort was tremendous. And the effort needs to be at that level all the time. The U.S. game plan was tremendous, but it also took two fortunate bounces for the U.S. to score both of its goals. Technically, other countries remain light years ahead of the U.S. since the U.S. doesn’t have anyone who can create a goal out of nothing. Still, a tremendous game and effort. I hope they show well against Brazil.

Is there significant concern that Williams, Maka and Abele will abandon UCLA and go to a university where they would be allowed to enroll immediately without any further coursework?
No, because all three want to be at UCLA, all three remain signed by UCLA (and will be until August camp begins and they are not enrolled) and none are so far away academically it is impossible. I am hearing Abele and Williams are likely to get qualified and Maka is a little more of a long shot but he could enter UCLA in January 2010.

Do you think USC has a shot in H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks in repeating as Pac-10 Tournament Champions?
Yup. If seven or eight other programs drop basketball or boycott the Pac-10 tourney.

Is it fair to say that UCLA’s FB recruiting for this year is going to be largely (more than most years) dependant on the results on the field?
I think that is the best way to put it. Recruits are going to get to the point of not believing any more unless the results are there.

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  • Anonymous

    Sorry for the confusion, I meant the guys who were just drafted.

  • Anonymous

    And by “pro-potential” I mean do you see them as possible superstars, solid role players, in rotation off the bench or otherwise.


  • La Femme Bruin

    Do you think USC has a shot in H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks in repeating as Pac-10 Tournament Champions?

    Yup. If seven or eight other programs drop basketball or boycott the Pac-10 tourney.

    This response = CLASSIC. šŸ˜›

  • DM

    UCLA vs. USC rivalry? No other big school rivalry like it. I can also tell you despite anything anyone says after having lived in L.A. for all my life (48 years) it is the most friendly rivalry. All the hate talk comes from telephone tough guys and people who spend too much time on the internet. Everyone knows that Bruins and Trojans live together, work together, marry each other and even attend each others universities. Everyone has a close friend that attended the other school (or in my case several) and unless you put your loyalty to the school above personal relationships, you have to find a way to get along and have fun with it. It’s happy days when we beat the Trojans. Can’t wait to get on the phone and rub it in their noses. But when they win, it’s coming right back, so you better have fun with it.

    Those are the plain facts about this rivalry.

  • Joeeey A

    At UCLA…class room-wise, hanging out with others…the subject of Sc never-ever comes up.

    However on these blogs, Sc always comes up.

    I’ve also heard Sc has a whole “Anti-UCLA” section in their store.

    I really think Sc hates UCLA more, after all, they were the ones who started the rivalry.

  • Joeeey A

    I love “DM’s” comments.

    The internet often brings out the worst in people and it fuels hate for no reason. A lot of things you need to take with a grain of salt.

    Great job “DM.”

  • Coach Thom

    I never knew we had a rivalry with South Carolina. Are we ahead or are they?

  • Trojan Alumni

    My cousin (an UCLA Alum, as are a number of other family members) asked me to come over to this board and post my thoughts as I have been a Trojan for 18 years and have spent time viewing other rivalries.

    I think DM covered most of what I was going to say perfectly. Relative to others, it is very much a “friendly” rivalry. The media talks about how it is like no other because of the proximity of the schools, I find that ironic. Because we do work together and our private and social lives are joined. A majority of my family lives in the greater Los Angeles area, I have three members who are Trojans and three who are Bruins and there are no fist fights during Christmas parties.
    My office is similarly divided yet nobody tries to sabotage anyone else’s work or tries to get them fired.
    Once a year someone gets a phone call with someone giving the 8-clap or the Fight On song on the other end. Once a year someone in the office has to have their picture taken with either a Bruins or Trojans jersey, which is put on display for at least another full year.

    Now I have also spent time in various cities around this country and without going into detail, there are some ugly rivalries that go far beyond the point of unhealthy.

    And there’s always the fact that the school’s main sports are different. Every once in awhile there’s an upset and it doesn’t mean much more that a year’s worth of office or bar bragging rights. Is a Trojan victory in basketball matter much is the grand scheme of things? No more than a Bruin football victory.

    Now I respectfully leave you to your basketball draftees and futbol team member talk.

  • Captain Crabs

    Lets not forget that Coach Neuheisal is an Alumnus of both UCLA (poli sci) and USC (law).

  • PeterUCLA

    I agree with most of what Trojan Alumni said with the following exception:

    A Bruin win in football matters more than a Trojan win in basketball, because the teams only play football once a year. In basketball, like last year, we can play each other up to 3 times before the NCAA Tournament begins.

    To put it another way, UCLA has won 1 out of the last 3 football games and USC has won 1 out of the last 3 basketball games. 13-9 mattered more.

  • Calabruin

    To Trojan Alumni:

    you’ve been a Trojan for 18 years? Wow…most of us Bruins finished our degrees in 4 to 5! Good luck getting that diploma! Hard work will get you through