Answers, Part VI

Here is the sixth set:

If UCLA were to post a winning season would that be enough to propel them to an outstanding class or would a 8-4 or better be the target?
They can have a great class and lose all 12 games, but it is highly unlikely. The better they perform on the field, the better the recruiting class should be.

Do you get a chance to watch major sports for leisure like the NBA finals? Do you get enjoyment out of it or is it hard to watch without having to write about it?
I despise the NBA, so therefore I don’t watch it. But I watch sports for pure enjoyment, but I always watch it with a critical eye as to what is taking place on the court, field, pitch, ice, ect.

You have previously indicated that the UCLA admissions people showed more flexibility than usual with regard to the 2008 recruiting class? Did the added flexibility continue with respect to the newly enrolled 2009 class?
It was markedly more flexible in the 2009 class, but right now I am hearing the 2010 class will not be nearly as flexible.

With four soccer players on the national team, doesn’t it speaks volume about our program?
Yes, but I never thought that was a question. Look at MLS. There are UCLA players all over the place. The problem UCLA has is keeping the players there for four years to play soccer.

What have you heard are Nottinghams strengths and areas where he needs to improve the most?
He is smart, picks up things quickly and gets rid of the ball on time. His footwork is satisfactory. He needs better arm strength.

Did Brett Nottingham get an offer from USC? Do you see him getting one now?
No, he did not. And, no I don’t. When he committed to UCLA, he decided to skip USC’s Rising Stars camp.

After watching the interview with the Capt. of the Katmai this week, it really puts all of our UCLA sports fanaticism in perspective. Thoughts?
Yes, it does. Sports is supposed to be fun, and a diversion, but I find far too many people live vicariously through sports others are playing, and it takes the fun out for them. I love Rutgers, but whether they win or lose doesn’t shape my mood.

Will Nick Crissman ever play? Is his injury career ending?
If he plays, I don’t think it will be at UCLA. And I don’t think his injury is career-threatening, but it has taken markedly longer for it to heal than it should have.

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  • bruinova

    “I love Rutgers, but whether they win or lose doesn’t shape my mood.”

    I don’t buy it. If Rutgers wins the National Championship in 2010, Dohn is on cloud nine until 2012, at least.

  • Brian Dohn


    You’re right, I would be on cloud nine if they won a national title, but I would still try to keep my perspective on a lot of other things. There are other things in my life much more important, and they would still be my focus.
    But, hey, forget a national title. How ’bout just a BCS bid?

  • bruinova

    Perspective is key. One of my best friends, a Rutgers alum, sent me this link, with skepticism. If some young guys step up and fill some big holes, anything is possible.

  • Coach Thom

    My third ex-wife, Hortenza, is a qualified, practicing professional medium and she predicts Rutgers will be playing for something like a national championship in a sport not dissimilar to football or golf in the not too distant future. So, rejoice, Brian, and book your Pullman on Cloud 9. Good times are coming.

  • nice

    the nba is terrible. i absolutely despise it.

  • Anonymous


    You must be from Orlando.

  • devildog-bruin

    Lol, “you must be from Orlando.” Good one…I think the NBA is awesome! But then again that is just one mans opinion.