Answers, Part VII

Here is the seventh set:

Out of the four recent football transfers out of UCLA, which one, if any, do you see as having the greatest upside potential and success at his new school?
Running Audre Dean at TCU, because he is going to an offensive system that can exploit his pure running ability.

Describe the professional and non-professional (Outside football if there is one?) relationship between Norm & Rick?
They get along great. I don’t think you can categorize it as professional and non-professional because the two overlap. Chow pretty much gets to do what he wants to do, and Neuheisel allows him to do it.

Do you think the coaching staff is sorry to see E.J. Woods leave? Was he likely to ever be a key contributer?
I think they are very sorry to see him leave because Woods is an NFL talent.

Regarding Flowers, is the “Neuheisel allowed me to pick what position I want to play” just recruiting talk on Neu’s part? The coaching staff surely has an idea which position suits him better, right?
Make the kids believe what you want them to believe. It’s like Abele saying he was coming to UCLA as a defensive end. Ok, but by day two of training camp he will be on the offensive line.

should we fans be at all concerned with the fascination our coaching staff seems to have in recruiting DB’s? How many are we looking in to bring this class?
I believe that is a legitimate concern. Plenty are needed because depth remains an issue, but it is getting to the point where it feels like enough should be enough.

Do you think the academic issues with the two incoming freshman are legitimate? Or is CRN simply trying to turn them into greyshirts in order to avoid having to encourage more players to leave the program?
I know they are legit issues. UCLA wants those players in training camp. There is no problem with encouraging more players to leave, if necessary, because UCLA still has plenty of dead weight.

Do we have a real shot at Kenny Stills or is the only thing that pulls him away from USC an out of state school?
I’m not sure what type of chance UCLA has with him. I would think he winds up at USC, but you never know.

Without including the obvious #1, Mr. John Wooden, who do you think the athletic world looks to and admires for their integrity, thoughts, and ethics?
With the ethics in the athletic world these days, nobody.

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  • Anonymous

    Brian, you EJ Woods comment is the surprise of the day. Why then was he third string?

  • alxandr

    Having “Talent” doesn’t mean you have the commitment… you still have to put in the work…

  • mg

    I agree about EJ Woods. He needed to be patient. Glenn Love and Tony Dye are very good players. We have a ridiculous amount of talent at safety with Moore, Love, Dye, Woods and the incoming freshmen McKay and Sermons. Woods is physically better than all of them imo but I suspect he doesn’t have the mental grasp on the D that Love and Dye (who both played last year) do.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm….in the first question above you say Dean will be the transfer who flourishes the most, but in question 3 you say Woods is an NFL caliber player. So we just lost 2 potential NFL guys? I guess that means the guys ahead of them on the depth chart are Pro Bowl material.

  • gubon13

    I pulled more junior girls as a senior in high school. Did that make me more talented at picking up girls than the junior guys who were better looking and more popular than me? Or did I just have one year and 4 wheels on them?

    It’s not like these things are as simple as numbers. I called both those guys “high-profile” losses and people jumped all over me because they were 3rd on the depth chart in spite of me pointing out how much potential and talent these guys have.

  • highlander

    I find the answer on atheltics sad, but it’s taken me nearly 24 hours to come up with a good answer. The best one that I can think of is Tony Dungy.

  • TruBruin


    I just knew you would be back to say, “see see see
    I told you so, Brian said so, see,see,see.
    Nice analogy there in paragraph 1, I cant believe you are finally admitting you are a lesbian though, Keep it quiet with the kids though, it might throw them off a bit. Players need to fit systems. Dean does not fit the system. He was Dorrells recruit let it go.

    Woods is a different story, this kid is looking to start as a RS Freshman and bolt to the NFL asap. To jump ship after spring practice because you are listed #3 is a bit knee jerk. I have scorces that say Woods can be a bit of a prima donna in this type of situation. He was not happy last year being red shirted either. We are better off with more “Team Guys”
    that fit the system.

  • gubon13

    See, see, see, I told you so…

    Look, when I still lived in LA and worked near campus, I used to spend my lunches watching football practice from lot 6. I don’t care about star ratings or even, to a lesser extent, depth chart positions. And even though I frequent Brian’s blog, I don’t always agree with him either.

    I’m happy to debate opinions, but I’m too old to get into pissing matches. If you still can’t admit that I had valid points then you really are as childish as you sound in your posts.