Answers, Part VIII

The eighth set is now ready for viewing:

When you’re sitting in the bleachers of Spaulding Field on a warm, slightly breezy fall afternoon, do you ever find yourself leaning back in your seat, gazing up at the bright blue sky, grinning from ear to ear reveling in the fact that you get paid to cover UCLA Football?
No, I revel in the fact I get paid to do something I love to do. It is the same feeling I had when I was covering high school ice hockey in New Jersey.

KD made some good in-roads recruiting at Crenshaw HS. What State, Region and Schools has Coach Rick made the most in-roads? With Flowers and McD making non-binding Verbals do you see the Fresno Valley as an area where he has made strides in?
I don’t think it can be judged on a school-by-school basis at this point with Neuheisel. Dorrell made the in-roads because Eric Scott was an assistant at Crenshaw and a UCLA alum.

would you consider revising your weekly Q-and-A into a “top 30” (or 40, or 20) format? i.e., something that would allow YOU the liberty to dismiss out-of-hand questions that are particularly stupid and/or silly?
No, because I don’t think that is fair to everyone. The idea is for everyone to get a chance to ask a question, and what be a dumb question to one person may be relevant to somebody else.

assuming he stays four years, would you project morrell presley at tight end or wide receiver in 2012?
I don’t know. How much weight does he put on? Based on his speed, I would say tight end.

Joseph Fauria will not be with the Notre Dame football team this season, any chance UCLA enters into the picture?
I don’t see it at this point, but things change.

what do the coaches think of Sean Sheller and has he nailed down one of the tackle spots?
No, he hasn’t nailed it down. My understanding is Jeff Baca will get a shot at right tackle if Su’a-Filo does well at left tackle. The coaches think Sheller has good feet, but much more is needed from him.

So has US Soccer solved all it’s problems in the course of two games, or do all the concerns raised after the Italy and Brazil fiascos still stand?
Just like the games against Italy and Brazil don’t mean the U.S. is that bad, the wins against Egypt and Spain don’t mean the U.S. is that good. The U.S. is a flawed team, but when they play really hard and get a few breaks they can win big games.

How big and strong do Hasiak, Su’a Filo and Capella look in relation to the other potential starters (Maiava, Baca, Sheller, Ekbatani)? Do they look big enough to start right away?
Haven’t seen Capella yet, but the other two look big enough. But size and strength are only allow them to compete for a job, not win it.

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  • AJTovar

    “It is the same feeling I had when I was covering high school ice hockey in New Jersey.”

    Yeah sure. Sounds plush. Nothing like freezing your tail off while scribbling in your pad about the next big hockey star from Jersey.

  • VB


    Give Dohn a break. One thing I learned about him is that he never has and never will be a UCLA “fan” to the same capacity as we are. Everyone thinks that means that he despises UCLA. That is not true. In fact, there are times when he gets me back in line because of my constant criticism of our program. Dohn is a sports fan, but stop expecting him to be a die-hard Bruin fan. Would you want a homer like me covering our team? We need someone neutral.

    70 days until kickoff!