Answers, Part X

Here is the 10th set of answers:

Do freshman FB players typically room together during the school year? Dorms or apartments? And how are they paired?
They typically do room together, and usually they choose the roomies. And freshman live on campus.

If UCLA doesn’t land Cassius, if Brutus the fall back?
You’ll have to ask Caesar (isn’t he the ‘SC coach?)

I know this is a long way off but, I was eating lunch the other day and saw trevor gretzky at the restaurant in all UCLA gear. DO you know if UCLA is his favorite so far?
I have no idea.

You said last week that “I am hearing it is likely, but not a guarantee”, referring to getting a commitment(s) from the three day camp. Were the players who recently committed, among those that you heard could commit.
Yup. They were the guys. I figured if Taylor Graham committed to Ohio State, UCLA would offer another quarterback, who would commit quickly.

last week you said you played golf growing up. do you still play golf or did you give up the game?
I play intermittently. I’ve played three times in the last 20 months, but before that played about once a month for a long time.

I am fascinated about the “sources” that beat writers have for covering sports. Without giving away names of course, could you explain who these “sources” are and what incentives do they have for giving writers, like yourself, such great information?
They are usually people who want to make sure the correct information gets out, but because of their positions, usually do not want their name put on it. Sometimes they have agendas, so as a reporter, one should be very careful. And I believe I am.

Is RN planning on getting a twitter page just like Howland?
I’m not sure, but knowing Neuheisel, he will get around to it.

Given that Howland is such a control freak, seems almost impossible that a guy like Guillory would ever make inroads at UCLA–much less hanging around the arena and offices all the time…am I correct?
I believe that is accurate.

What does UCLA do to avoid the kind of infractions that seem to be plaguing the USC athletic department?
They follow the rules. It’s not that hard. It’s not as if a checks-and-balances system has to be in place to follow the rules. It’s not as if coaches are trying to break rules at UCLA, but the administrators are stepping in and saying no.

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  • calabruin

    regarding the last question on avoiding infractions, I think Brian joking said in a recent Q&A that there is a reason that UCLA is referred to as the ‘University of Compliance Los Angeles’!