Answers, part XI

Here is the 11th set:

Are planning a story on Neuheisal’s Middle East trip? If not, do you have any brief report on how it went and what Rick got out of it?
I am not planning it and I didn’t really talk to him about it.

Wolf reported that Uko “dominated” at the Rising Stars camp. Did UCLA make a mistake not offering him early? Is there a possibility Uko learned his lesson by not trying hard at the UCLA camp?
If Uko winds up at UCLA, then no mistake was made. If Uko goes somewhere else and turns into an excellent player, then a mistake was made. It is too early to tell if a mistake was made.

At this point do you think Alex Stephenson regrets his decision to transfer to USC from UCLA? To your knowledge he is bound to USC at this point?
I do not know if he regrets the decision, but how happy can he be? The coach who promised him playing time left, the recruiting class is non-existent and USC seems to be in for a few long, long seasons. And I don’t think he has any recourse to transfer without sitting out another year.

Would you say Brian Price’s odds of returning to UCLA after a good season are below 50%?
If it is a good season, I would put the chances below 5 percent.

I have read that the UCLA staff is “mending” relationships with some recruits (Uko, Warner). Do you think they have made some early tactical errors in their approach this recruiting season?
I don’t think they were tactical errors, and I don’t think they are mending anything with Warner. As for Uko, he got upset about not being offered. It happens. Everybody doesn’t recruit every player perfectly. I think a player holding a grudge is short sighted.

Does UCLA have a chance of landing DE Ronald Powell?
Sure, the Bruins have a chance. I don’t think it’s a good one, but never say never.

I recently took a tour of the Rose Bowl arranged by a member of the Rose Bowl Commission. He had mentioned that some renovations are planned but did not give detail. Do you know what the renovations are and when they will be?
I do not. The locker room were re-done. Perhaps he was talking about to suites, the field, seats, a new scoreboard?

Is Woods’ transfer strictly a PT issue? Are there other issues you are not at liberty to discuss?
Strictly playing time. The coaches want him to stay.

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  • rejn

    Brian – following up on your answer about EJ Woods, do you think the coaches can get Woods to stay instead of transfering? Is it a possibility or has Woods made up his mind 100 percent that he is not coming back?

    Thanks, Brian!

  • Anonymous

    The Rose Bowl renovation is posted on the website. But don’t think that money is available to do the work right now. The Rose Bowl Strategic Plan is very interesting. The City, Tournament of Roses Association, UCLA, the Rose Bowl operating company, Big 10, and Pac-10 all have a say in it.

  • Anonymous

    The renovation plan will move the media seating a level higher so they can build suites.