Answers, Part XIII

This is the last set of answers for tonight. I will post the final few sets on Saturday, but for now here is the last set, lucky No. 13:

*This answer set was edited. It should have said UCLA is NOT taking two quarterbacks in this class. My bad, and sorry for the confusion it created. Guess I got a little bleary-eyed answering all the questions this week.

How many linebackers does the coaching staff want to get for this recruiting class? Does UCLA have a legitimate chance to land Hayes Pullard?
I believe UCLA has a good chance to land Pullard, but I am not yet sure how many linebackers the staff wants. That information isn’t stuff the staff wants out because it is used by other staffs to recruit against them. And, yes, UCLA uses such information to recruit against other staffs.

Do you have any updates on the injuries to the basketball team (Honeycutt, Gordon, Morgan)?
There really aren’t any to give since last week. Morgan is doing some basketball drills, Gordon is rehabbing his knee and Honeycutt is down for another six or seven weeks while his back tries to heal.

Was E.J. Woods encouraged or counseled to seek a transfer, or is this just a case of a brash redshirt freshman impatient about playing time?
He was not encouraged to leave, but I would also argue he is not being impatient. He wants to play, and thinks he deserves to play.

A recent poster said that the “star ratings” by various services are not yet relevant because the talent is largely assessed at the combines, which don’t take place until the summer. Is that true? I thought most of the combines take place in the spring and are therefore done.
Most of the combines are completed but I don’t think the rankings have been completely updated. I could be wrong since I don’t work for a recruiting service, but that is what I was told.

Are UCLA assistants pulling out all the stops to get Seantrel Henderson like we did with Sua Filo and Hasiak? Do we have a chance in hell of getting him? I know it’s stupid to compare but this kid reminds me of a young Johnathon Ogden. Must get.
I know UCLA really likes Henderson, but he needs to show more interest to UCLA before it gets serious and Neueheisel can begin going really hard after him. Plus, it is so early in his recruitment.

How did Chase Rettig look at the UCLA camp a few weeks ago, worthy of an offer? I know we got Nottingham but with the lack of quality backups in the future may be good to get two right? Thanks
Got me? Like I mentioned after the camp, I wasn’t at it because of a personal matter. Also, UCLA is NOT taking two quarterbacks in this class.

Did everyone who attended the 3 day football camp have to pay to attend or were some kids comp’d? What is UCLA’s criteria for whether the kid pays to attend or doesn’t pay?
I think everyone has to pay something or it would be an improper benefit to have some kids pay and others not pay.

In your time covering the dodgers, what was your opinion of Kevin Brown? Was he really crazy, or a jerk, or what was the deal?
The most difficult person I’ve covered in 18 years. He did not strike me as a pleasant individual, but in the name of fairness, I will say he was awesome when he dealt with kids.

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  • Anonymous

    Did I read this correctly?…from Dohn…”Also, UCLA is taking two quarterbacks in this class.”

    This contradicts what we’ve heard over the last month or so. Has something changed? I thought we were only taking one QB, mostly based on the fact this (2010) is a weak QB class…


  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if these are exactly the right numbers but the same year the Dodgers decided every day player Mike Piazza was too expensive (I believe he got 91 million from the Mets) they gave once every four games Kevin Brown something like 125 million and perks like flying his family in to watch games.

  • Anonymous

    whoa, what? 2 QBs? In such a down year too? Thats actually kinda disappointing.

  • VBs Cat

    yeah kind of odd since Dohn said this in Part III

    Is ucla looking at another quarterback to take in the class, possibly shrieve or kasdorf?
    Nope. UCLA has its quarterback, and the plan is to take only one.

  • akvc8

    i asked the quarterback question (last one) i think he meant to say Also, ucla is NOT taking two quarterbacks in this class

  • Anon

    I’m going to assume that Dohn made the ultimate typo – leaving out the word “not”. That always seems to change the meaning of the sentence.

    I doubt the situation changed from Part III to this section.

  • Danny

    EJ Woods was very much encouraged to leave. Mr. Dohn, you are reporting what you have been told but that doesn’t necessarily make it true. It’s wise for both UCLA and Mr. Woods to say he wants to play elsewhere, but that is most assuredly not the case. Coach Neuheisel cannot have a legal/media circus going on during his tenure, so he made the decision to ask EJ to leave. This is a nice way to spin it, though..

  • Brian Dohn


    There are some particulars involving Woods, and whether he was asked to leave or decided on his own, but the initial contact was Woods wanting to lead. It had nothing to do with his legal matter, according to several of my sources.