UCLA and NBA draft picks since ’89

This comes courtesy of the University of Arizona. It is a listing of the schools with the most NBA draft picks since 1989:

2. Duke 29
3. UCLA 28
4. North Carolina 25
5. Connecticut 23
6. Kansas 22

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  • Anonymous

    Arizona is the best, really?

  • Jewin

    It would be great to know how many are still in the league. Does anyone out there know how to look such a statistic up?

  • Anonymous

    ya, did you ever hear of some dude named lute olson?

  • Anonymous

    a little more background on this lute olson fellow…

  • Shipwreckedcrew

    UCLA holds the current longest streak of having players drafted — 13 years.

  • Anonymous

    Convenient choice of 1989 for the U of A folks…nice work PR Folks.

  • Anonymous

    anon @ 12:46… i thought that same thing but then i looked at the 1988 draft at arizona had 2 picks with ucla and duke having 0… so i think they just used 89 so it could be 20 years…

  • Joeeey A

    UCLA leads all-time with 51 and Arizona is 5th with 35. The years are from 1949-2008.

    This is before this year’s draft.


    So now its UCLA: 53 and Arizona is 37.

    Not knocking anyone, both schools have a accomplished a lot.

  • Anonymous


    According to that link from the official athletic site, UCLA has had 106 players selected in the NBA draft. UCLA also has the most first round picks over the last four years.

  • PeterUCLA

    Even with the artificial and Arizona-friendly start date of 1989, UCLA will surpass the mildcats within a couple years or so.