Answers, part XIV

Morning folks. The answers will continue today, beginning with this set, No. 14:

I realize that they are only high school juniors, but what is your take on the recruits we have nabbed thus far?
I have no idea. I haven’t seen them play. In some instances, I haven’t even seen tape.

Is EJ Woods considering JC for immediate playing time, or was he another “mis-evaluation of talent”?
Trust me, it was not a mis-evaluation of talent. That kid has NFL talent.

Who do you see as being a part of the eight guys that Bullough will rotate on the d-line during games?
Korey Bosworth, Brian Price, Jess Ward, Datone Jones, Reggie Stokes, Jerzy Sierwierski and two to-be-determined.

Given the number of pac 10 players drafted in the lottery, and drafter overall, should we re-evaluate how the conference fared last season? Seems like more high picks than the previous season
Not to me since the drafted players represent such a small part of the Pac-10. Yes, Arizona had Jordan Hill go, but Arizona lacked depth. And I didn’t see any players drafted in the first round from Cal, Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington or Washington State.

Is UCLA trying to re-define its camps into a pure talent evaluation and recruiting opportunity…along the lines of SC’s Rising Stars camp?
Yup. That is what I posted yesterday.

Holiday thought he was going in the lottery…what went wrong? Do you personally think he made a mistake leaving UCLA? What do you think he thinks at this point?
I was hearing he didn’t have great workouts, and his lack of emotion worked against him because some teams thought he was asking blas. However, I think he made the right decision. Not only is his basically guaranteed $6.2 million, but he gets to his second contract a year earlier, and that means another year of being paid on the back end of his career. I think it is short-sighted to say he cost himself $1 million because of his draft status by not looking at a lot of other factors.

What’s the status of Eddie Williams? Is he on track for this summer?
He is on track this summer, but summer school just started for him. Nothing will be known for another month or so.

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  • tim warren

    The Pac 10 actually did even better in the 2008 draft. 7 of the top 21 (all underclassmen) were from the Pac 10 last year versus 5 of the top 21 this year. Plus, 12 Pac 10 players were in the first two rounds last year versus 9 this year.