Answers, Part XVI

Here is it, folks, the last set of answers. Hope the information was helpful. It’s a lot to go over, but hopefully you get some time during the weekend to play catchup, if need be.
Now, onto the final set:

What current or “recent” UCLA basketball players (i.e., last 10-15 years or so) could you see coming back as coaches on Coach Howland’s staff and why do you have that opinion?
Well, I can only speak of the six years I covered UCLA since those are the players I know, and I could see a Janou Rubin coming back to coach.

you mentioned Collison would make 2.1 million as the 21st pick, what will Demar DeRozan pull in as the 9th pick?
He is guaranteed about $3.4 million in the first two years.

Have you heard anything from coaching staff and/or players about former DC Duane Walker getting a bit to “friendly” with committed and previously committed Bruin recruits?
No, I have not. I know DeWayne Walker recruited Warner after Warner expressed concern over what was going on at UCLA. The level of play between UCLA and New Mexico State makes it so there will be very little overlap in recruiting. As it is, I think Warner was an exception, and I don’t expect any more head-to-head battles with Walker and Neuheisel.

You stated last week that you were asked not to report on specific ‘issues” related to the Brandon Warner saga. Will there be a time in the future when you (someone else) will be able to clarify this very confusing matter?
I do not know. If Warner, or the other parties involved, give the ok to write something about it I will. But I have no idea if that is going to happen.

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  • amm

    Brian, why didn’t you answer my question concerning Pauley lighting arrangements?

  • Calabruin

    response to amm…

    Because he didn’t want to! He who runs the blog gets to decide what does and doesn’t get answered…

  • Anonymous

    What was the question on Pauley lighting arrangements?
    We would like to hear the question. Maybe someone else can or will answer the question.

  • amm

    he probably thought my question wasn’t warranted and i respect his decision?