Josh Smith and UCLA

Here is a story about former Colorado receiver Josh Smith looking to transfer, with UCLA as a possible destination.
I know the Bruins are very interested in Smith. As a matter of fact, a few of my sources told me about it two weeks ago, and they said it had a good chance of happening if UCLA had scholarship space.
However, my sources asked me to keep it quiet until news of it leaked out, and now it has. So, as long as UCLA has an available scholarship, this has a very good chance of happening.

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  • BruinJigs

    How can we take in both Josh Smith and Fauria? I think Fauria, as a TE, should be the higher priority.

  • Fan4Life

    Since he would be transferring in, couldn’t he enroll late and be counted toward the 2010 class? I guess this would apply to Joseph Fauria as well.

  • bruinbrian

    we need to get this guy for a few reasons:
    1. He graduated from my alma mater, Moopark High
    2. He has great speed and is tremendous at returning kicks.
    3. His nephew is Darrell Scott, the former top rated running back from Moorpark High and St. Bonnie that went to Colorado to play with Josh Smith. This could mean a transfer byt Scott to UCLA

  • ucla84

    Having led the NCAA in Nikola Dragovics for several years, isn’t it about time we monopolized the collegiate sporting world’s Josh Smiths?

  • Ryan

    I’m thinking UCLA will try to clear two scholarships in the near future.

  • Anonymous

    When I first glanced at the title, I started getting really excited. I thought it was the basketball Smith. But this is nice too. haha.

  • Does anybody know anything about this guy? Can he contribute or will he be warming the bench?

  • Moorpark resident and CU Alumni

    My comment is that Josh Smith and Darrell Scott are not team players. If they are not the stars they will bolt. Darrell left Moorpark and went to St. Bonnie because he has no loyalty. The purpose of going to college is to get an eduction. Both Josh or Darrell will not get a degree and I am sure they both will be ineligible before there careers are over.