• Anonymous

    That’s just too much for me Brian. Where can I get a loan?

  • MoeBruins

    Great article Brian. Information I have been looking to have for months. I have 4 season tickets in the higher part of the middle level in the corner and donate $1700. so it sounds like the new amount won’t be a big increase.

    Personally I would be shocked if they can get such high amounts for all the between the court seats but I guess they can try. I think they are overestimating the product as UCLA really has not been a hot ticket for a long time and even for big games, premiums are not found selling on Stubhub or ticket exchange like the Lakers or some of the other local teams.

    But it is nice to know they aren’t pricing me out of my tickets.

  • Joe B.Ruin

    What a huge disappointment! Is this a professional team! First of all, I thought this was a college, and that UCLA cared about their fans…clearly I was wrong.

    Going to pauley is a big bore anyways because most games fan just sit on their fans, and many games do not sellout.

    I would rather spend this money on the Lakers, or even the Clippers at these prices.

  • silverlake-bruin


    I’m very happy they are demanding market price for these seats. A ton of those seats just get scalped, so why shouldn’t the university get the market price for seats?

    The renovation is a disaster because it does little to address that fact that the majority of seats are terrible and too far away from the action. This makes Pauley not feel like a big event, and makes even those closer to the action have a poorer experience, and wonder why they are paying so much to have seats in an arena that isn’t full.

    Because they are doing nothing to address these outdated seats, they have to charge the small number of seats that are actually benefitting from the renovation a large proportion of the cost.

    Overall,, the plan is garbage and will most likely fail, but not because they are demanding market value price for seats, but because the project itself is so poorly thought out.

  • pr

    I just want a new video/scoreboard. I am not asking too much. It is like watching a 1980’s projection tv at chuck e. cheese. Can we mix in a taco truck as well?

  • gubon13

    I’m with PR and his $185K solution over the $185M solution.

  • ESbruin

    Brian–Are you watching the US game??

  • Anonymous

    I am glad I forgot about it. Blowing a 2-0 lead?

  • Anonymous

    gubon, the solution you seek costs between $5-$7 million if done correctly. Not $185,000

  • Anonymous

    students? what about them?
    if they are removed, or less of them on the floor, atmosphere will be worse.

  • gubon13

    Umm, yeah… I was pretty sure it wasn’t $185K…

  • Johnny Angel

    This is a sad plan. It’s a good thing the football team is improving.

  • Anonymous

    Charging more for tickets to non-students is a good move. Whether or not the donation levels that they’ve targetted are attainable is another issue. I suspect the pricing will be dynamic initially to ensure that all tickets are sold.

    The real issue is the renovation and if it will actually improve the experience to a level corresponding to the $185 million price tag. No matter how much things improve with Pauley, there will be at least a large minority of alums who will call it a failure.