Nottingham award (and video)

Recent UCLA commit Brett Nottingham, a quarterback out of Monte Vista High of Danville, was named the top performer at the Elite 11 camp at UNLV over the weekend.
Also, here is a highlight video of him:

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  • a

    What award?

  • VBs Cat

    “the top performer” at the Elite 11 camp

    That Award

  • USC Blueblood

    Congrats to the kid. Too bad the kid opted to forego the Rising Stars Camp at USC.

  • Anonymous

    Seeing the way Carroll evaluated Sanchez’s NFL prospects and the ensuing meltdown, probably best that Nottingham bypassed SC camp.

  • northbaybruin

    Great tape Brian:

    Great find, Maestro Chow! Welcome to UCLA Brett Nottingham ! This kid is a “get the job done” type Quarterback. The kind we need.

  • cv

    Did I read that right? Weak arm.

  • UCLA Tripod

    im not a talent evaluator but his delivery looks a little slow and his receivers do make the most of these receptions..

  • microphone fiend

    Why would he put a song on his reel that has a chorus that repeats “I don’t care about anyone else but me” over and over?

  • gubon13

    He may not have the best arm, but his wheels look okay and he moves well in the pocket.

    But, I wonder how he looked at the camps because he seems to be playing against midgets in all of these clips – the kid’s got a view of the entire field. That’ll make any good QB look great.

  • cv

    Brian, what do you think his chances are of making the actual elite 11?

  • Anonymous

    Against Concord De La Salle, Nottingham threw for 311 yards and 4 TDs in a losing effort. The game wasn’t in doubt as DLS was in control, but shows that Nottingham is playing against some good competition.

    DLS allowed the most points against Monte Vista that they allowed to any opponent last year.

  • Coach Thom

    Brett has a very nice touch on his deliveries and his pocket presence is outstanding. He slips the pass rush, keeps his focus, then gets the ball to whomever is open. He will be a great QB for us.

  • pr

    Something tells me Norm sees Philip Rivers minus the arm strength. He has great feet for a high school player coming out from center.

  • Anonymous

    “But, I wonder how he looked at the camps because he seems to be playing against midgets in all of these clips – the kid’s got a view of the entire field. That’ll make any good QB look great.”

    yea, he is 6’4″ and his high school only plays against teams that are 5’10” and under…

    that was as bad as the “too high” comment during the home run in the movie major league

  • gubon13

    Watch the video – he’s the tallest guy on the field half the time. It just jumped out at me and I suddenly remembered a video I saw a couple years ago of this 6’4″ 195lb quarterback looking absolutely dominant in high school. What was his name? Oh yeah, Kevin Craft…

    Certainly not a fair comparison, but it just popped into my head like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

  • Fan4Life

    Hopefully the coaching staff can start recruiting players who play against similar size players from here on in. These tall kids are too hard to evaluate for the rest of us.

  • gubon13

    Forgive me for not being overly excited by a promo reel…

  • These “undersized” takes are nonsense and most likely originate from folks who don’t know/watch sports at the High School level. Anyone who has, probably knows that your standout college prospects are oftentimes athletes who quite literally STAND OUT on the field/court/diamond, etc. They’re taller, faster and handle the ball more than their piers — that’s why only 1-2 kids per team ever move on — a reality that repeats itself in the college-pro cycle.

    Deal with it.