• Javy

    Have you ever thought of taking video? That would be huge for this kind of event.

  • Locoweed’s Soccer Cleats

    What a roller-coaster ride that was yesterday. Our guys were up 2-0 at the half and a part of me thought we could do this. But then there was that other part that kept saying – “this is Brazil, son”. Our guys played Brazil yesterday, played them hard and battled with them true. They just ran out of steam. I congratulate them for their efforts, their passion and their heart. They did us proud.

    For me the difference, as has always been the case, was the benches. BB holds off making subs because he knows what he has in reserve. Brazil brings on Elano and we bring on…Connor Casey? I hope this Gold Cup helps us determine what our bench is, because the Confed Cup has helped identified those who should be in the starting 11 less than ayear from now. Plue it looks like we may finally have a style of play.

    BB really needs to use the time remaining to seriously evaluate the pool and bring in the players who can help the cause. This was a huge learning experience for the young guns who did not play, but I don’t want any more free rides for guys to warm the pine. We need guys who can step in and contribute — help sustain the level of play when they are call upon as subs.

    Seeing our guys hurt and cry they way they did yesterday, says a huge deal. They did not want second place, no honorable mention. They WANTED this thing, and that’s how the hunger is born. They have felt the sting of the loss. They had it and it was TAKEN from them. They will grow stronger, wiser and hungrier from this experience. This is how championship sides are born — forged in the agony of defeat. For all the stick that have taken from this tourney, all the calls of “luck”, or the need for a “foreign coach”, or whatever…here’s hoping we just witnessed the birth of a championship side. These guys can do it, with the right parts and support our team can compete with anyone out there right now.

    We thank you guys. You did it for us, for the love of the colors, for the pride of the shirt and for the glory of your country. USA! USA!!

  • Felipe

    As a Brazilian living and studying at UCLA, I just wanted to offer a heartfelt and honest congratulations to the US on a well-played match. As a Brazilian who suffered from being on the receiving end of Maradona and Zidane (and even Platini before then), all I can say is that with luck, these kinds of defeats can make teams (and their supporters) better. I said to my (American) roommate right before the equalizer that I smelled extra time and PK’s. Howard turned in a heroic performance, though, and Donovan’s goal was pure class.

    I know you guys are ready to win now, and I just wanted to say that I think you’re almost there. A little bit more creativity up front (ahem, Adu) will make this team a pretty legitimate threat. The “raça” (heart) is definitely there. Best of luck in 2010.

  • BruinFaithful


    What update? That story lists the attendees at the camp and that’s about it. That’s not an update. That’s taking attendance.

    Brian, why no coverage thus far on Bobo’s new slim body. He looks too small now. He looks like he lost 40 plus pounds. How he did it and looks, would be a great story.