Football tickets on sale July 1

Single game tickets for UCLA football games go on sale Wednesday. Here is a reminder/release from UCLA:

UCLA Single-Game Football Tickets Go On Sale July 1

Bruins host six opponents at the Rose Bowl

Single-game tickets for the 2009 football season go on sale Wednesday, July 1. Fans wishing to purchase tickets can call the UCLA Central Ticket Office at 310/UCLA-WIN or purchase them online at and go to the Tickets page.

2009 opponents at the Rose Bowl include San Diego State on Sept. 5, Kansas State on Sept. 19, Oregon on Oct. 10, California on Oct. 17, Washington on Nov. 7 and Arizona State on Nov. 21.

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  • Ryan

    HEY DOHN Why is there still concern over the scholarship limit? From my calculations that include Abele, Maka and Williams making it, we will be right at the 85 scholarship limit.

    and if one more person leaves as you have hinted at in prior postings we can get a shot at Fauria or Smith šŸ™‚

  • Cali

    Rumor has it that Fauria and Smith are pipe dreams on attending UCLA. They both will end up elsewhere.

  • La Femme Bruin

    Thanks for the infor Dohn. I’m going to try to go to all the home games and maybe the Tennessee game this year. Can’t wait for the season to start.

  • pr

    The best deal is the big game plan in section 23 for $115 a ticket.

  • USC Blueblood

    Just wait until the Tickets go on sale at Costco or Sam’s Club in a couple of weeks. Much cheaper than buying them at the box office.

  • Friar

    S.D. STATE!!!

  • La Femme Bruin

    You must be confused USC Blueblood. This article was about UCLA football tickets, not USC diplomas.

  • Wolfie is a nacho eater too

    LMAO LFB!!

  • USC Blueblood

    La Femme Bruin, touche. It is not often that Bruins are witty and funny at the same time. Most do not have a sense of humor.

    I was referring to what happened last year. While shopping at Costco for some specialty wine and champagne for one of my famous tailgate parties outside of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, I came upon a store display consisting of a mountain of UCLA Football tickets in plastic-clam package displays.

    Although the UCLA tickets were quite cheaply priced at a huge Costco discount, no one was buying them. In fact, it appeared that more shoppers were buying discount tickets for Spa Treatments and also for the show put on by Michael Flattley, Lord of the Dance.

  • Mark

    Let’s be patient and wait for the ads in the San Diego and Kansas newspapers to work.

    Look how many tickets we sold to Fresno fans.

  • La Femme Bruin

    Specialty wine? Spa Treatments? Michael Flattley?!?! Ah, well USCBlueblood, your … ehem… lifestyle choices are none of my concern. At any rate, I think the reason those tickets were not selling was because no one wanted the free USC diploma that came with it. That’s like condeming the buyer to life as a pizza delivery “specialist.” We’d rather purchase our tickets through more normal means. At any rate, I can’t wait to get my tailgate on, and there’s no better place for it than the Rose Bowl.

  • Anonymous

    Tailgate at the Coliseum? That’s a good one. Either you park your webbed beach chair on hot asphalt or grass that is mostly dirt with a few spots of green while avoiding the footlong rats that scurry around under foot. And, hopefully your car is still there when you get back to it after the game.

    The only thing the Coliseum has going for it is that it’s only a block from the freeway so you can get the heck out of there fast after the game.

    Tailgate at the Coliseum? That’s a good one.

  • Ryan

    Hey Cali, I don’t know if I would call it a pipe dream…

    “When CU limited his transfer option to just USC, he appealed the decision to a committee made up of three professors. They ruled on the side of Bohn and Hawkins, but Manning said a deal was worked out between Smith and Hawkins allowing the release and possible transfer to UCLA.”

    If he appealed the limitation to usc alone then he obviously is showing some interest

  • USC Blueblood

    I have been to the Rose Bowl. There is not much atmosphere outside the stadium. Outside of the game versus USC, only 40-45K routinely show up for the UCLA Football games. Half of those in attendance are elementary school kids that come for free as evidenced by the 200 Yellow School Buses parked outside the stadium and many kids wearing Trojan Jerseys.

    I guess parking like sardines on well worn brown “grass” at a “public” golfcourse may be exciting to Bruin fans, but not to others. You then have to hike 10km to the Stadium and wait 3 hours to filter one-by-one out of the parking lot while contemplating yet another lost game.

    There is even less atmosphere insdide the half-empty stadium.

  • bruincheerleader

    “I have been to the Rose Bowl. There is not much atmosphere outside the stadium. Outside of the game versus USC, only 40-45K routinely show up for the UCLA Football games”…NOT TRUE!!…UCLA averaged over 72,000 last year , not bad for a 4-8 team…ALSO THE ARROYO SECO is one of the truly scenic spots in America…we BRUINS dont have to foul it up with red and yellow ballons to make it pretty…powder blue skies and golden hills are all the colors we need for a good time…

  • Anonymous

    “powder blue skies and golden hills are all the colors we need for a good time…”

    NOT TRUE!!…you need an 82 year-old cheerleader in a 62 year-old sweater on the sidelines to show you how to cheer and have a good time.

  • anonymous

    At least the UCLA cheer leaders don’t inappropriately lead cheers when the opponents score points!!!!!!!

  • gubon13

    …and boom goes the dynamite…

  • Thank you for sharing the information about the Football tickets. I`m a big fan of the football game. Love to watch in a huge crowd.I have already bought the tickets. Definetly the game goes on well.