More on Pauley

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said the school has $53 million in pledges, meaning they are more than halfway to the goal of $100 million.
He also said naming rights (UCLA is using a more politically appealing term) for the arena could go for $40 million, but that could be used to offset the cost of bonds rather than toward the “Campaign of Champions” goal of raising the $100 million.
The name of the arena, even with naming rights, will still have Pauley Pavilion in it.

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  • gubon13

    The implication being that it may no longer be Pauley Pavilion, but rather, *Corporate Sponsor* Pavilion?

    I don’t know why that upsets me as much as it does…

  • USC Blueblood

    The Gilbert Wooden Pavillion has a nice ring to it.

  • Anonymous

    I have it on good authority that the Pauley name will always be a part of the building. So, it could be “X Arena at Pauley Pavilion” or “Pauley Pavilion at X Arena”. Either way everyone is still going to call it Pauley.

  • Dr. UCLA

    Here to diagnose and assist with USC Blueblood’s demonstrated paranoia and irritability. Her lack of red blood cells must be a symptom of oxygen deprivation, which has clearly induced delirium. You poor woman! Conspiracy theories and thoughts that USC or its graduates are superior at anything except cheating… you must have really lost it! A raving madwoman! I prescribe a trip back home to the USC websites, a dose of reality, and to stop holding your breath about NCAA sanctions. Your brain needs oxygen!

  • BruinFaithful

    Yeah RIGHT!!!!

    Pledges dont mean squat. What is this, the Jerry Lewis Telethon? Call me when the money is in escrow.

    UCLA is historically a joke of a fund raising institution. They have no clue what they are doing or how to do it. I use to be a top fund raiser at UCLA, and most people I solicited told me they had never given before, because UCLA had NEVER asked. There are plenty of people out there who would give if they were asked properly. There are very very wealthy Alums out there who would give, if they just knew how. Who to contact or call, etc.? Wealthy busy business people aren’t just going to call and offer to give money. They need to be courted. Gene Block and Dan Guerrero need to get on this.

    It is embarrassing that even some wealthy UCLA Alums have given to USC, because SUC asked right and UCLA never did.

  • rejn

    I’ll guarantee you that Chris Roberts will never call it Pauley as long as there’s a corporate sponsor attached to it. In fact, not only will he call it by the sponsors name, he’ll do EVERYTHING he can to kiss up to the sponsor and mention their name every chance he gets, even if he’s not obligated to.

  • Fan4Life

    The Adidas/Chick-fil-a Athletic Center at Pauley Pavilion.

    Imagine the money UCLA could make of Brian alone!

  • silverlake-bruin

    The Pauleys donated $1m 44 years ago. The family has said they feel they have been treated well and are honored by the length of time the name has stayed with the building.

    If they don’t have a problem and realize time and funding needs have changed, neither should we.

  • Alex18

    $1 million 44 years ago is definitely much >than $1 million today. Also, I would much rather it keep the name of pauley somewhere on it just because of all the history.

  • Steve

    BruinFaithful Author Profile Page said:

    UCLA is historically a joke of a fund raising institution.

    While I love your optimism, your memory not so much.

    Campaign UCLA, the most successful fund-raising campaign in the history of higher education, recently (2006) finished raising 3 BILLION dollars.

  • wk

    The UW “retained” the words “Hec Edmunson Pavillion” too.

    but the announcers are required to say “Bank of America” and without exception leave out the Hec Ed part.

    unless you attend a Huskie game or grew up going to Hec Ed, you would never know that that building was named “Hec Edmunson Pavillion”

    why not be honest about it and just dump “Pauley” if a sponsor name is gonna be used.

    better yet, dump the sponsor whoring and retain UCLA’s integrity.

  • Algonquin J. Calhoun

    “The name of the arena, even with naming rights (@$40m), will still have Pauley Pavilion in it.”

    That seems a lot for being second on the list.

    Don’t forget that the name ‘Pauley’ was placed on the GYM, elevating it with the alliterative Pavillion becuase of the deep oil-money pockets of Mr. Pauley.

    That was over 40 years ago. The family has gotten a nice ride with their name associated with 11 national BB championships.

    The reality is that it costs money to renovate (as it did in the 1960s) and if charging $40m to get closer to finalizing renovation so be it.

    Stop referring to offering naming rights as being beneath the university…if that is beneath it, what would you consider naming the medical center after a former president with senile dementia?

  • Anon

    Based on the typical season ticket holder and the general atmosphere in Pauley these last few years, I’d suggest they approach Forrest Lawn.