Pricing and seating

What do you think of UCLA’s pricing and point system for the renovated Pauley Pavilion?
I like it all
Too costly, but I like the points
Cost is right, but I don’t like the points
It is too early for me to figure out
I can’t afford season tickets
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  • Anonymous

    One additional factor that should be considered in determining points is the percentage of games where the ticket is actually used. At each of the early season games, a number of the good seats are always empty!

    If a seat goes unused because a season ticket holder (1) doesn’t go to the game, (2) doesn’t give the ticket away to a friend to go to the game, or (3) doesn’t post it for sale on the Ticket Exchange, then that person should lose points.

    There could therefore be built into the point system an incentive to posting tickets online. They could say that if you post your ticket online for sale, even if it doesn’t sell, you don’t lose points. But if you don’t use the ticket yourself, it isn’t used by someone else, and you didn’t post it for sale, then you lose a point, with one point being assigned for each game on the schedule.

  • Anon

    Not a bad idea, however would need to have one or two allowances each season that don’t count against a person. I personally have had issues come up late in the day (i.e. get sick) that preculded me from attending, and were too late to post for sale or find someone to give the tickets to. Not really anyone’s fault under some conditions…just life happens on occasion.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Dan’s fault for bring in Ross Bjork and made him Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director!!! All Ross wanted was increase, increase prices. He’s not from here!